Flame Toys Thundercracker Model Kit Preorder – Plus Starscream Rerelease


Allspark forum user since 2010 under the name NotVeryKnightly. Interest in Transformers has mainly lied with the toys.

Via Twitter, Flame Toys’s model kit of Thundercracker (parsed as two words, strangely) is now on preorder at d4toys. They also announced a rerelease of their Starscream kit.

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Fascinations Metal Earth has new Transformers kits for 2019

Fascinations Metal Earth’s 2019 catalog shows a decidedly Cybertronian metal addition to their model-kit lineup. As part of their Metal Earth Legends line, Fascinations is rolling out a series of kits based on various popular superhero and science fiction franchises, including Star Wars, Justice League, and Transformers. These models start out as a single metal sheet, with pop-out panels that […]

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