ToysRUs Japan Promotional Mini-Con Campaign: Arms Micron Rain



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Autobase Aichi has taken to the web again to bring us some news from Toys R Us Japan and the ongoing promotional Mini-Con campaign, this one known as “Rain”.  From the photos provided, you can see Rain is a translucent blue Arms Micron which was first available with Transformers Prime Cliffjumper.  The promotion states that when you spend 3,000 Yen at […]

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Transformers Cloud Micron, EZ Collection Gifts with Roadbuster & Hellwarp Pre-Orders

Takara Tomy Toy Mall are apparently feeling generous! They’ve just announced that the first 500 people (including those who have already ordered) who place pre-orders for Transformers Cloud Roadbuster will receive one of 3 free gifts – the clear blue O.P. Micron, the clear yellow Firebolt Micron, or the clear red EZ Collection Optimus Prime figure! EHobby are also offering […]

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Fans watching Takara Tomy’s celebration of the Transformers 30th Anniversary as well as their release of the Transformers 4: Lost Age/Age of Extinction line have no doubt seen the four campaign Microns that are being offered at certain retailers in Japan to all those who spend 3,000 yen or more on Transformers product. These Microns are clear redecoes of the […]

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More Information on Campaign Micron Silver Roller’s Availability

Back on May 16th during the Transformers Lost Age (Age of Extinction) product debut event in Sunshine City, Japan, Takara Tomy first made its “Silver Roller” campaign Micron available. For those that missed out, however, they will again make it available to fans and collectors! Starting now, anyone who buys 3,000 yen worth of Transformers product at Toys R Us […]

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The Allspark has received the latest releases from TakaraTomy and is posting photo galleries for your enjoyment.  First up is the Generations TG-32 Minicon Assault Team (aka Centuritron).  These figures were released today and feature significant differences from the Hasbro versions.  Each figure features metallic green and gray plastic as well as several new paint applications to bring out even […]

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