Toei Plans Crowdfunding to Build Mazinger Z out of Balloons


Naas has been a member of the Allspark community since 2010, whom many of our regulars will recognize as NotVeryKnightly on the forums. While never really keeping up with the current media Naas has a consistent and long lasting interest in the Transformers themselves.

As part of the promotion for their upcoming Mazinger Z film, Toei Animation have announced plans to crowdfund a large recreation of the eponymous robot made entirely out of balloons.

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Mecha Nations MN-02 Black Convoy from Kids Logic

Kids Logic have updated their Facebook page with new images of and information about their upcoming MN-02 Black Convoy! Like Convoy/Optimus Prime who shares this mold, Black Convoy is in the “super deformed” style with an enlarged head and small body. He does not convert, however he comes with a number of accessories and has loads of articulation for all […]

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