Sir? Your BMOG Splatterpus is on its way


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Or it soon could be as Play with This Too and BMOG Toys are proud to announce that all $55-level and above backers of the Lost Protectors Kickstarter will receive a purple “Monoscream” version of the much-anticipated Chainbill Splatterpus BMOG figure FREE as part of their backer rewards! This robotic platypus splits into two chainsaw weapons and a scuba tank/blaster […]

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Play With This Too’s Kickstarter Now Open

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If you’ve been patiently waiting for your first chance at owning some of Play With This Too’s parts-swapping, armor-building action figures, now you have it! The company has now opened their Kickstarter – Lost Protectors and it has plenty of swag to offer in exhange for potential donations. From buttons to t-shirts to prints to heads, weapons and, of course, […]

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