Another New Transformers BuzzWorthy Bumblebee Figure Spotted at Retail Along with WFC Kingdom Voyager, Deluxe, & Core Figures

Another new Buzzworthy Bumblebee Figure has been spotted at retail along with Wave 1 Kingdom Voyagers, Deluxes, and Core class figures. This find was at the Target in Carmel/Westfield, Indiana on 151st Street. Thanks to McAllister Loreman on Facebook for the find! To add to that, yesterday the Buzzworthy Bee with Spike two pack was also spotted in the wild […]

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Transformers Cyberverse Scout Wheeljack And Ultra Class Rack N’ Ruin Found At US Retail – Indiana Sighting

Allspark News

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Allspark user Kiki Rose reports via our discord that Transformers Cyberverse Scout Wheeljack And Ultra Class Rack N’ Ruin have been found At US Retail; specifically at Target in Fishers , Indiana! Hit the break to view the full image!

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Best Buy Selling Transformers: EarthRise Optimus Prime, Grapple, Wheeljack, and Hoist

Thanks to a tip from Twitter user @eerian_sadow I was able to go out and purchase some Transformers: Earthrise figures today! Not from Target or Walmart, but from Best Buy! That is correct! One of the places you probably would not think to look. I went to 3 Best Buy locations. All 3 had Grapple, one had Hoist, one Wheeljack and […]

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Ollie’s Selling Titan Return Figures for $7.99 Each in Carmel, Indiana

Thanks to Allspark user MeepMorp we now know that the Ollie’s in Carmel, Indiana is selling Titans Return figures at the discounted price of $7.99!

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