Toy Soldiers: War Chest Pits MOTU, G.I. Joe, and Your Favorite Toy Genres Against One Another

Movies like the Toy Story trilogy have shown us what it would be like if our favorite childhood toys came to life when we weren’t looking… But what if those toys were a little more aggressive than the lovable characters depicted in the Disney/Pixar world? A new video game from Ubisoft explores just that notion with a toy room filled […]

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Masters of the Universe Classics – Queen Grayskull (Veena) Revealed!


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The folks over at the MattyCollector’s forums have revealed another figure for their 200X subscription service – Queen Grayskull!  Queen Grayskull, better known as Veena, is the precursor to the Sorceress and is one of He-Man’s ancestors.  Fans have been waiting for a figure of her since her husband, King Grayskull, launched the Masters of the Universe Classics line back […]

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New Honda Holiday Videos Continue 80’s Toy Flashback

You’ve probably seen Honda first batch of holiday videos featuring all sorts of toys from your childhood (if you haven’t, check out our previous article). Now Honda has three new Happy Honda Days videos that continue to bring on the nostalgia! The first video is Jem and G.I. Joe Singing Fa La La La Love, the second is Gumby and […]

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Happy Honda Days Celebrate All Those Toys You Knew and Loved as a Kid.

The Honda YouTube channel has a new series of ads as marketing for the company’s annual “Happy Honda Days” campaign this holiday season. The ads feature a myriad of toys, action figures and dolls from the 1970’s and 1980’s praising the Honda vehicle highlighted in the ad. From G.I. Joe and Jem, to Master of the Universe’s Skeletor and He-Man, […]

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