30th Anniversary Masterpiece Megatron Re-Release to be Gold!


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A couple weeks ago we got news that the infamous MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron figure was getting a re-release via a special 30th Anniversary deco.  Initial reports stated that the figure was going to be a chromed release of the figure to match the paint job of the original 1984 figure.  We’ve since learned via Kapow Toys that the deco is […]

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Takara Tomy Announces TF4 Battle Command Optimus Prime Campaign

Takara Tomy have updated their website with information about their next Transformers: Lost Age/Transformers: Age of Extinction campaign. On July 19th, the Battle Command Optimus Prime toy will be released and those that purchase it between the 19th and the 31st can enter into a lottery to win one of two prizes – 10 lucky winners will receive a gold […]

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More Images of Kid’s Logic Gold and Silver Plate Figures!

We have done some previous articles on these little “trophies”, from Kids Logic, informing you of what their prices have been set at for now, and showing you images of some of the figures as well as announcing them. We now have with us some more images, and this time they are of a silver plated Soundwave & Starscream as well […]

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New Takara Tomy Cybertron Satellite Campaign

Takara Tomy have updated their site with a new Cybertron Satellite campaign. Starting later this month, the participating Cybertron Satellite stores will be offering a series of exclusive stickers for those fans that spend 3000 yen or more on Transformers product. That’s not all that they get though as each sticker also comes with an entry to a lottery. There […]

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Singapore Transformers: Age of Extinction Launch Party Information

Fans, contests, exclusive toys, and a chance to win prizes such as movie tickets and even more exclusive toys. For those that attend the Transformers: Age of Extinction Launch Party in Singapore, that’s what they have to look forward to! The Come, See Toys blog has been updated will all of the information for the event, including images of a […]

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