Titans Return Breakaway Gallery!


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Titans Return Breakaway looks great.  I really love the figure because the mold is fun to transform, and this is a beautiful color scheme.  However, as mostly a repaint of Chromedome with a new Titanmaster head, there is not a lot of new in here in terms of the figure.  Does Breakaway get away with being different enough to warrant […]

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Titans Returns Upcoming Figures Leaked?!


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Thanks to Planet Iacon we have a look at some character art, deco sheets, and general lineup information for a slew of upcoming Hasbro Titans Returns figures.  The lineup includes: Deluxe Class Triggerhappy Doublecross Getaway Hot Rod (only as a concept) Voyager Class Optimus Prime (inspired by Star Convoy) Megatron (with Decepticon & Autobot faction logos) Unknown Sixshot Click here […]

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