New Color Photos of Legends Nightbird, Slipstream, and Blackarachnia


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Thanks to Dengeki Hobby we have some new photos of the upcoming Transformers Legends wave due for release in October.  This wave focuses on Decepticon and Predacon female warriors.  The line up consists of Nightbird (dubbed Nightbird Shadow), Slipstream, and Blackarachnia (known as Black Widow in Japan).  Each character has a new photo of them in their robot mode as […]

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New Promotional Image for Decepticon Filch

The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a promotional image for this Saturday’s Transformers: Robots in Disguise episode. For fans paying attention to the Decepticons shown so far, this is going to be the premiere episode for the bird-like thief, Filch! The promotional image shows her robot mode along with the tagline “One Crooked Crow”. There’s also this brief description […]

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