TAV VS-SP: Dogfight


Jason (Onyx Minor) has been a contributor of News and Content since 2007.He is a fan of beast modes, multilingualism and Jammie Dodgers.

As one of those Transformers fans that missed out on the latter part of G1 toys and almost all of the comics, Dogfight came to me as a non-entity.  He was so much of a non-entity that I didn’t even realize he was in IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye until I looked him up on the TF wiki AFTER getting […]

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New Photos of Million Publishing TAVSP Dogfight VS Decepticon Runamuck


MrBlud is one of the "highly esteemed" moderators of Transformers Discussion and the Convention forum here on the Allspark. He also occasionally helps post news articles. He likes both the robots and the ponies and would probably cop to liking G.I Joe too if you corner him,

Coming to us via HeroX on Twitter, we have some new “battle” shots of Million Publishing’s Transformers Adventure Dogfight vs Runamuck Set. These two will go great with TAV25 Runabout and TAV26 Override.   Click here to discuss the news.

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Hero-X’s Generations 2015 Book and Exclusive Figures Revealed!


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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

Hero-X (Million Publishing) has revealed the contents of their upcoming Generations 2015 mook (Japanese language term for magazine + book) as well as the mail away exclusive figure offer through the book!  Generations 2015 will cover the latest Masterpiece reveals MP-28 Hot Rod and MP-29 Shockwave, as well as Unite Warriors (and it’s Hasbro counterpart Combiner Wars), Adventure, QTF, and […]

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