Review: Transformers Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime, Voyager Grimlock, Deluxe Slug and Drift

The were fortunate enough to get our hands on advance copies of a few of the Transformers: Age of Extinction toys due out on store shelves May 17th (Although some lucky fans are finding stores already stocking the figures). Among our samples were Leader Class Optimus Prime, Voyager Class Grimlock, Deluxe Class Slug, and Deluxe Class Drift. From first […]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Slog Revealed via Frito-Lay Campaign

Fans may remember early toy listings from retailer computer systems had a figure referred to as “Voyager Slog”, which led some to wonder if it was a typographical error meant as “Slug” the Triceratops at a new scale. Well, that doesn’t appear to be the case! Frito-Lay is running a campaign in Turkey that includes a small character card in […]

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Age of Extinction Dinobot Strafe Evolution 2-pack Revealed

After the reveal of the Toys R Us exclusive Dinobot Slug Evolution 2-pack, can you guess what the Strafe Evolution 2-pack is? If you guessed anything other than Age of Extinction Strafe with DotM Rav, just…no. You’re being silly. Because that’s exactly what the 2-pack is – Strafe with Rav! If these combinations still have you confused, you’re not the […]

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In Package Images for Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Want more Age of Extinction toy news? You’ve got it! The Ragin’ Nation have uploaded a series of in package images of assorted Transformers 4 movie toys onto their Facebook page. The images include Deluxe Class Dinobot Slash, Voyager Autobot Hound, Voyager Autobot Hound out of package, Voyager Galvatron, and 1 Step Changer Decepticon Stinger. While the images are a […]

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TakaraTomy Generations Fireblast Grimlock Now Shipping


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Bic Camera Exclusive Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Fireblast Grimlock is now shipping out to residents in Japan.  Fireblast Grimlock is a redeco of the Voyager Fall of Cybertron Generations figure in a color scheme that homages both Transformers Superlink Dinobot Magma Type as well as Transformers Animated Activator Fireblast Grimlock.  Also shipping out later this week is Transformers Generations […]

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Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Warriors Wave 2

Transformers Constructbots Dinobot Warriors Wave 2 – Bumblebee & Nosedive, Hound & Wide Load.  

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