Titans Return Arcee and Ultra Magnus Gallery!


Jason (Onyx Minor) has been a contributor of News and Content since 2007.He is a fan of beast modes, multilingualism and Jammie Dodgers.

Breaking her way into the Allspark studios from the arenas in Protohex is none other than Hascon exclusive Titans Return Arcee!  Check out some quick notes about the figure with our gallery and decide if you are going to fight for her on HTS when she gets released to the public September 20th!

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TFsource 9-16 Weekly SourceNews! MMC Tigris & Talon Instock!

TFsource 9-16 Weekly SourceNews! MMC Tigris & Talon Instock!Greetings Sourcefans!This week we have new instock items like Reformatted – R-06 – Tigris the Shock Trooper, Reformatted – R-02 – Talon the Aerial Assaulter, Transformers 2014 – Generations Series 04 – Deluxe – Set of 4 Figures, Transformers 2014 – Generations Series 01 – Deluxe – Set of 4 Figures, Warbotron – WB01-A – Air Burst, […]

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