TAV VS-SP: Runamuck


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While Hasbro has been very specific about which molds and styles were set aside for Robots in Disguise versus Combiner Wars, Takara has muddled the waters a little bit. Between remolded War for Cybertron molds, Transformers Animated molds, and a few molds that were set aside for Combiner Wars, Transformers Adventures has been a very eclectic toy line.  Case in point: […]

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Adventure Runabout and Override in Package


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With their release just a few short days away, we have our first look at Runabout (dubbed Decepticon Runabout) and Override in package.  TAV25 Runabout is a redeco of Combiner Wars Blackjack as the character originally intended for the mold, and TAV26 Override is a redeco of Groove (with Groove being an entirely different mold).  Both are set for release […]

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