Madman Exclusive Covers for Cybertron DVD Sets

Plunging back into the waters of the Unicron Trilogy is something that both Shout! Factory and Madman have been doing recently. It appears, though, that Madman has dredged up something a little unique for their releases. Teaming up with well-known Transformers artist Marcelo Matere, the Australian DVD company now presents fans with two exclusive DVD covers for their Transformers: Cybertron […]

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The Hub Network Announces Brand New Transformers Series In Production Now For 2015

The Hub Network have announced today the new Transformers animated series that will appear next year on the cable channel. The series will take place after the events of Transformers: Prime, and surround the young Bumblebee’s endeavors as the new Leader of the Autobots! LOS ANGELES – The Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to […]

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Yesterday the website was updated with the first three guests for the convention – Susan Blu, Hal Rayle, and Michael McConnohie. Most fans will remember Susan Blu as the voice of Generation One Arcee and the voice of Transmutate, as well as her years on the other side of the mic directing other voice actors. Hal Rayle provided the […]

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