New 24 Page Transformers Cloud Comic Book


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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

eHOBBY Shop updated their website today announcing a new 24 page Transformers Cloud Comic Book.  Any new orders for TFC-D01 Megatron, TFC-D02 Starscream, TFC-D03 Shockwave, or TFC-D04 Hellwarp will come with this new comic book.  It appears existing Hellwarp orders will also be packed with this comic.  eHOBBY is offering several bundles featuring each of the Cloud Decepticons.  The new […]

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Transformers MTMTE #32 Nightbeat & Nautica Cover Without Text

If you like pretty Transformers art (and who doesn’t?), you may want to see the tweet that artist Josh Burcham has just sent out. The tweet includes another look at the Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #32 cover that he and Nick Roche worked on, only this time it’s without any logos or text so you can get a […]

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IDW Kicks Open The Doors to Comic-Con With Orphan Black

If you haven’t been watching Orphan Black from BBC America and Temple Street Productions… Why the heck not? The acclaimed series has just finished its second series and has been renewed for at least a third, and has won or has been nominated just about any award for TV broadcast that you can think of… And now you don’t have […]

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New Dungeons & Dragons Comics From IDW Follow “Tyranny of Dragons” Story Line

D&D fans, how into the story lines in the game are you? Wizards of the Coast and IDW hope that the answer to that is “VERY!” A new comic title is set to launch in October from the two companies, one that will follow the “Tyranny of Dragons” story line set forth by the role playing game. Here’s what writer […]

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