Rescue Bots Episode 213 – The Island of Misfit Tech Preview Clip

The Transformers YouTube channel have posted a short preview clip for tomorrow’s episode of Transformers Rescue Bots, “The Island of Misfit Tech”. Check out the episode summary and preview clip below: See what happens this week on the Rescue Bots when an out-of-control mechanical bull leads Cody and the Rescue Bots on an adventure through the mysterious “Beam Box” to […]

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Rescue Bots Rescan Figure Packs Out at Retail

Rescue Bots fans eager for new product may want to head out to their closest Target store! The first wave of Rescue Bots Rescan Figure Packs has started showing up at the retail chain, and while they don’t transform they may just represent those characters from the show that you or your kids must have! Such as Heatwave (representing his […]

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New Rescue Bots Product on Hasbro Toy Shop

If you’re a Transformers Rescue Bots fan looking to pick up some merchandise from the toy line/television show, make sure that you head over to Hasbro Toy Shop. The online store now has pre-orders for the non-transforming 2-packs of Bumblebee with Scrapmaster, Optimus Prime with T-rex, and Heatwave (new robot form) with Cody Burns A.K.A Rescue Boy, as well as […]

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New Rescue Bots Sneak Peek Video


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The Official Transformers YouTube Channel has uploaded a new Transformers:  Rescue Bots sneak peek video for the Transformers Rescue Bots Reality Show. Check out the video below!

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