SDCC 2016 Titans Return: Titan Force Gallery!


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The annual “OMG, gotta find stuff from SDCC since I can never make it” scramble has occurred, and I, like many a nerd, have finally gotten my hands on the things I needed (NEEDED). Now I can sit back, relax, and really enjoy a great set of figures that turned out to be better than I anticipated. The Titans Return […]

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Lucky Draw Generations Leader Class Silver Jetfire

Here’s something to drive those Generations completists out there a little crazy! Cybergeeks Alliance have updated their Facebook page with an ad from Aeon retail stores in China for a Lucky Draw Silver Jetfire! The figure is the Generations Leader Class Jetfire figure decked out almost entirely in chrome. Weapons, robot, jet; everything is shiny! There will be just 3 […]

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New Takara Tomy Cybertron Satellite Campaign

Takara Tomy have updated their site with a new Cybertron Satellite campaign. Starting later this month, the participating Cybertron Satellite stores will be offering a series of exclusive stickers for those fans that spend 3000 yen or more on Transformers product. That’s not all that they get though as each sticker also comes with an entry to a lottery. There […]

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Singapore Transformers: Age of Extinction Launch Party Information

Fans, contests, exclusive toys, and a chance to win prizes such as movie tickets and even more exclusive toys. For those that attend the Transformers: Age of Extinction Launch Party in Singapore, that’s what they have to look forward to! The Come, See Toys blog has been updated will all of the information for the event, including images of a […]

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Official Images of Generations Leader Class Jetfire

Whether “In The Sky” or “On The Mountain”, Hasbro’s first foray into the Generations Leader Class is sure to bring the fire! Jetfire, that is. Transformers Colombia have updated their Facebook page with three new photos of the toy – Robot mode, Jet mode, and in package. Being more closely representative of the final figure, these images give us our […]

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