New BotCon 2015 Facebook Character Pages


News And Content at Allspark
Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

Done in a similar style to last year’s Tornado Facebook page, the people at BotCon have put up 3 new character based Facebook pages for BotCon 2015.  The 3 pages include Rook, Axiom Nexus News Editor, and Andromeda!  Check them out by clicking Read More!

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Transformers: Universe Character Spotlights Autobot Macro, Decepticon Flatline

Jagex and the folks behind the still upcoming Transformers: Universe online video game have now updated their YouTube account with two new character spotlight videos. Autobot Macro is a stealthy speedster looking to create as much damage and havoc amongst the Decepticons as he can. And the time-warping Decepticon Flatline not only knows the laws of physics, he is their […]

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Rescue Bots Rubble the Haul Bot Listed on TRU Canada’s Website

The cast of Rescue Bots has stayed fairly consistent across its multiple waves of product, only adding Hoist and Medix to the six characters who have appeared on the show. A new listing on the Canadian Toys R Us site seems to tip the hand that another character may soon make an appearance though. The listing, which currently lacks images, […]

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Alex Milne Shows Off His Concept Art for IDW Riptide

If you like getting a sneak peek at the behind the scenes aspects of the Transformers brand, you should check out artist Alex Milne’s Twitter account. The latest tweets especially as they reveal the concept art and some of the artist’s thoughts and motivations for IDW’s latest new Transformers character! Riptide is, as his name suggests, an aquatic Transformer who […]

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