Spice up your Dungeons and Dragons Adventures with the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

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The Forgotten Realms, and in particular, the Sword coast was the default setting for me and a lot of other people no matter which rules set you use. For me, it goes all the way back to the 2nd Edition days. Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Baldur’s Gate — these are more than just entries on a map — they are the […]

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New Dungeons & Dragons Comics From IDW Follow “Tyranny of Dragons” Story Line

D&D fans, how into the story lines in the game are you? Wizards of the Coast and IDW hope that the answer to that is “VERY!” A new comic title is set to launch in October from the two companies, one that will follow the “Tyranny of Dragons” story line set forth by the role playing game. Here’s what writer […]

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