TakaraTomy QTF Wave 2 and Legends Wave 4 In Package


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TakaraTomy has tweeted out some in package photos of the Transformers figures set for release tomorrow.  The line up includes QTF QT-09 GT-R Optimus Prime and QT-10 Wheeljack as well as Legends LG-08 Swerve & Tailgate and LG-09 Brainstorm!  For those not familiar the QTF line features licensed SD vehicles that transform into chibi robots.  Brainstorm, Swerve, and Tailgate all […]

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New Image of Q-Transformers Wheeljack and Alternity Convoy

The Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter account has tweeted out a new image showing off Q-Transformers QT-09 and QT-10 Wheeljack and Alternity Convoy in both modes. Wheeljack is in his Generation 1 look, while Alternity Convoy is in his red Alternity body. Both toys are due out later this month. Read on to see the tweet.

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