Takara Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion Photo Galleries at Alfes2010


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Photographer extraordinaire Alfes2010 has put up full galleries of Takara’s recent Unite Warrior release of SUPERION! You can check out the individual galleries below Silverbolt Slingshot and Fireflight Air Raid and Skydive Aerialbots Superion These galleries offer great looks at the individual figures and also contain comparisons to both Hasbro’s Combiner Wars version AND the original G1 molds that first […]

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Photo Galleries of New Japanese Transformers Releases: MP-22 Ultra Magnus, LG-06 Sky-Byte, and LG-07 Jetfire


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Alfes’ Blog has received the latest TakaraTomy releases (due out today December 27th, 2014) and taken plenty of photos of the more notable releases.  Among the figures photographed are MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, LG-06 Legends Gelshark (Sky-Byte), and LG-07 Legends Jetfire.  In the photos we see each figure from several different angles and compared to other figures.

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More In-Hand Images of MP-21 Bumblebee and Spike in Exo-Suit

Toy blogger Alfes2010 has tweeted out a quick gallery of the Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee and Spike in Exo-Suit figures that he recently acquired. The images show off both modes of the figures, as well as a few mid-transformation images (which in the case of Spike look a tad creepy). The official release for this figure is just a few hours […]

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