New Publicity Images for Upcoming Robots In Disguise Product

Coming in from, well, all over are new publicity images for upcoming Transformers Robots In Disguise toys. 1-Steps, Deployers, Minicons, there’s plenty to look at! Check out the following for each batch of new images or Read On for mirrors of all of them: Hyperchange Steeljaw at Mega 1-Step Optimus Prime at Kidstuff¬†and Wind Designs Deployer Fracture (and Drift) […]

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Allspark Gallery: Transformers Age of Extinction 1 Step Steeljaw


John posts news and provides content for the Allspark, particularly Transformers news from Asia and adding content to the Allspark's image galleries.

Transformers Age of Extinction 1 Step Steeljaw Gallery

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In Package Images for Transformers “Age of Extinction” Product

Want more Age of Extinction toy news? You’ve got it! The Ragin’ Nation have uploaded a series of in package images of assorted Transformers 4 movie toys onto their Facebook page. The images include Deluxe Class Dinobot Slash, Voyager Autobot Hound, Voyager Autobot Hound out of package, Voyager Galvatron, and 1 Step Changer Decepticon Stinger. While the images are a […]

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