Deluxe Autobots Not to be in Season 2?!

We've received an anonymous tip that the upcoming Transformers Autobot Deluxe Cars Roadbuster and Whirl will not be featured in the upcoming Season 2 of Transformers.  Theories state that Whirl was dropped in order for Skyfire to be the only flying Autobot.  Roadbuster was also removed due to being considered too violent for American television.  Whether this rumor is true […]

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Female Transformers?!

We now have word that an upcoming episode of Transformers will feature a race of female Transformers.  Rumor has it that these female Transformers is Hasbro's marketing push to promote the Transformers lines to young girls.  Whether these figures will be simply dolls with car parts, or something else entirely different has yet to be seen.  Some say Starscream will […]

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Take Your Megatron To School Day!

Today is national Take-Your-Megatron-To-School-Day!  We are inviting kids and parents a like to take their Transformers Megatron figure to school (or work) today!  Show the other kids (and coworkers) the evil that is Megatron, and how he will stop at nothing except total and utter World Domination.  Please send in any photographs (get your Polaroids ready) you may have of the […]

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