Official Images & Profiles: Classics Grimlock and Mirage

{mosimage}When pictures first appeared of Classics Grimlock, it was simply a line drawing of the figure on a color sheet.  Many of the fans  pondered whether the pictures were actually real or some fan rendering.  Well in the time since we've learned that they most certainly were the genuine article.  Fan acceptance of this re-imagination of Grimlock seems to be […]

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Target DPCI Info

Allspark admin and Target powerhouse Mouth04 has come through again with a ton more new items showing up in the Target computer system.  These are in addition to the items we previously reported on. Transformers Unleashed – 087-06-0266 – $19.99 Transformers Legend 4-pack – 087-06-1074 – $9.99 Transformers Cyber Stompin Robot – 087-06-1177 – $19.99 Transformers Op Prime Big Rig […]

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Dengeki Hobby Exclusive: Black Atari

{mosimage}We first reported on the Dengeki Hobby Exclusives here.  These figures, announced in their November issue, will be offered on a limited basis through mail-order from the magazine.  They will be repaints of several of the figures now seen in the Kiss Player line. Now a magazine scan of one of these limited figures has surfaced.  Stormrider of the Seibertron boards has […]

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