Movie Optimus Prime Body Shot

Empire Magazine, a movie magazine based in the United Kingdom has just published a new issue featuring a full CG rendering of astf Optimus Prime. The image, although somewhat obscured in shadow, shows us a very complete view of the lead character, voiced by Peter Cullen (the original Optimus Prime voice). You can view the image and participate in the […]

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IDW Movie Prequel Preview – In Color!

A couple of days ago, IDW released a preview image for its Transformers: The Movie prequel books, with the central figure blacked out.  Now, as posted within this ongoing thread at the Allspark Forums and also here at Seibertron, that figure is in full color and revealed as a pre-Earth form of Bumblebee! The full-color version is here at Allspark member and […]

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Rumor: Tom Kenny In New TF Cartoon

As the new Transformers cartoon goes through the development process, expect to hear lots of information coming out, both true and ridiculously false.  This one may be the former, although at present time there's no definitive proof. While on a radio interview in Dubuque, Iowa, Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants in the popular cartoon) mentioned a role in the […]

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Wave 2 Classics Minicon Images

Frequent Taobao auction site seller Easynet has put up auctions with very clear images of the upcoming wave 2 Classics minicons.  You can see images of the Clear Skies and Dirt Digger teams by going to the Allspark Image Gallery, where we've mirrored them. Thanks to TFW2005 for originally posting these. Comments

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Wonderfest 2007 Binaltech Black Convoy

It's the return of Binaltech!  Sorta!  Ok, technically it may be Binaltech, Kiss-play, or something else entirely, but it's still awesome!  The Wonderfest 2007 convention will be selling Black Convoy, similar to Alternators Nemesis Prime but with some slightly different paint apps and some die-cast, for 6500 Yen (approx. $55 US).  TFormers has the story, along with a picture from […]

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Masterpiece Megatron Pictures Update

TFormers has posted some images obtained from the Japanese toy mags Dengeki Hobby and Figure Oh. These images show his scale in alt-mode, a full color image of Megatron, and some design work.  You can go directly to their gallery of images by clicking here. Comments

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For those of you with a love for Star Wars Transformers, you may be interested to check out a recent update to  They have posted images and descriptions of the recent (but so far fairly scarce) SWTF Darth Vader (Sith Starfighter) and ARC-170 (redeco).  Keep an eye on our Sightings Forum to find out when these toys hit in your area! […]

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5-page Preview: GIJoe vs. Transformers

The crew at has put up a series of images previewing the upcoming Devil's Due mini G.I. Joe Vs Transformers IV: Black Horizon!  Take a look to see cover images and 5 pages from the comic.  Then head on over to the Allspark forums to discuss your thought (thanks to BassX0 for starting the thread). Comments

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Transformers Club Exclusive Airrazor Auction

More pictures of the upcoming Transformers Club exclusive toy Airrazor have surfaced thanks to a new Ebay auction from SPX.  You can view the Airrazor images which have been mirrored in the Allspark Image Gallery.  Airrazor is a remold of the Energon Slugslinger toy, and another awesome exclusive from the people behind Botcon. {mosimage} Thanks to Allsparker lastmaximal for posting […]

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Revoltech Megatron Coming In April ’07

In the return of an old source of news, Charle5! has popped back up on the 2005Boards with some interesting news to fans of the Revoltech line: "Revoltech Megatron : Apr07, mentioned between lines at feburary 07 Issue of Hobby Japan. No pics yet but we can use those we seen prior to Galaxy force series as reference.  Special Thanks to […]

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