The Allspark Interviews Legend Frank Welker

 {mosimage} The Allspark was very excited to have the opportunity recently to interview legendary voice actor and Transformers fan favorite Frank Welker. Frank is best known for…well, all SORTS of roles, including Scooby-Doo, Nibbler from Futurama, Megatron, and so many more. Click below for a message from Megatron, and then read on for a glimpse into his life and his […]

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Deluxe Autobots Not to be in Season 2?!

We've received an anonymous tip that the upcoming Transformers Autobot Deluxe Cars Roadbuster and Whirl will not be featured in the upcoming Season 2 of Transformers.  Theories state that Whirl was dropped in order for Skyfire to be the only flying Autobot.  Roadbuster was also removed due to being considered too violent for American television.  Whether this rumor is true […]

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