IDW Posts January Solicitations

IDW Transformers comics readers, your post-holiday shopping list has arrived.  Fresh at IDW's Web site are the solicitations for January 2007.  In the lineup: "Escalation" #3, in which "the action erupts onto the world stage" "Transformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus," a one-shot about "the Autobots' implacable, upstanding long arm of the (intergalactic) law" The fourth and final installment of Bob Budiansky […]

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Black Horizon #1: New G.I.Joe / Transformer Crossover

Thanks to the folks over at Comic News International for this summary of the new crossover G.I.Joe / Transformer series.  Author and Artist Tim Seeley (Forgotten Realms, Hack/Slash, G.I. Joe) teams up with artist Andrew Wildman (Transformers, G.I. Joe, X-Men Adventures) for Black Horizon, a four part series featuring Joe Colton and Bludgeon! Colonel Hawk and Destro! Optimus Prime and […]

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New Wallpaper Available at Transformers DVD Website

Soundwave and Blaster, two iconic characters from the days of Generation One.  If you like these guys and you like redecorating your desktop, head on over to the Transformers: The Movie website and dounload some new wallpapers featuring these legendary Transformers. Don't forget, the release of the remastered Transformers: The Movie DVD will be out Nov. 7th. 2006. Comments

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{mosimage} Amazon have updated the contents on their preorder page for the 20th Anniversary DVD. The page now have a sneak-peek clip, and it consists of some pretty interesting interviews with Flint Dille, Susan Blu, Tom Griff, Joe Bacal and Nelson Shin. They discuss the death of Optimus and how it affected people who saw the movie.   Go here to check out the clip on Amazons preorder page.   Many […]

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The Allspark Image Galleries Present Botcon 2006 Exclusives Part 1

Dr Fang here, letting you cybernet neuroloaders and spacecube downlinkers know that the Allspark has just made live four brand new image galleries, featuring an extensive look at this year's Botcon: Dawn of Future's Past exclusive figures.  Part 1 of the galleries includes Darksyde Dinobot, Axalon Cheetor, Unit 2 (known to you Beast Wars fans as Tigatron), and Rhinox.  You […]

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Megatron Reissue: Part Deux

{mosimage}Thanks to Super Megatron, admin of the TFW2005 forums, for this news.  Apparently overseas retailers are now taking pre-orders for a re-release of the Takara Transformers Book Collection #06 Megatron (Re-issue).  At this time there is no other information available except that it is expected to be released sometime in December. Is this in response to the approaching premier of […]

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