Classics Out at U.S. Retail!

{mosimage}Yes Transfans, you heard it right.  Transformers Classics have now officially hit the U.S. retail market.  ViceGripX of the Allspark Forums has posted in the sightings thread, rather inconspicuously, his find of Classics Voyager Optimus Prime and Megatron at a local Fred Meyers in Tacoma Washington.  His sighting is accompanied by the usual picture of product and receipt. You can […]

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IDW Wallpaper Gallery Updated

{mosimage}IDW has updated their Wallpaper Gallery with Transformer related wallpaper for the second week in a row.  This week we are brought an Image of Ironhide.  Here are the details of this weeks Wallpaper. "The saga of the TRANSFORMERS secret war on Earth- begun in Infiltration– continues with Phase Two: Escalation. With the monumental menaces of MEGATRON and Ore-13 looming, […]

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Classics Are Coming

For those of you who put in pre-orders with JRS Toyworld or Bigbadtoystore for the Wave 1 Classics, get ready for some good news.  Allspark members Toymaker and Arceeprime have either received notification regarding pending shipment or confirmed on their account status that payment and shipment are in process for their order. This likely preceeds the mass retail release of […]

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More Hasbro Trademarks

The trademark information just keeps coming.  We recently reported on Hasbro in the process of updating their trademarks for Ultra Magnus, Menasor, and Galvatron.  We also brought you news, via Transformers at the Moon, that Hasbro was looking to trademark Meister and Hardtop. We would like to thank Transformers at The Moon for their continued vigilance on reporting Hasbro Trademark information.  They have […]

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{mosimage}For the past several years, the folks at have been developing and producing unofficial accessory packs for fans made available at Botcon. Over the years these packs have included a Beast Machines set, a Unicron figure display stand, and Generation One style Energon Cubes. Today, pack number 4 has been announced: The Beast Wars Golden Disks with reader attachment […]

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