New Pictures from Japanese Boards

Allspark member gaoKaiser brings us some new pictures of current Transformer and Transformer-related products from the Japanese boards.  Featured are Kiss-Play's Atari and her teeny tiny friend Autorooper, Moledive (alias Menasor) in a gerwalk mode, 6" Titanium Jetfire, and the very shiny reissue Great Goldran from the Brave series. Check out all of the pictures here at the Allspark Forums! […]

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Make Prime Speak – Contest Announcement

{mosimage}His is the voice behind one of pop-culture’s most established icons. The name is Peter Cullen – the voice of TRANSFORMERS’ Optimus Prime. And now fans will be given the opportunity to put words in the mouth of Optimus with the “MAKE PRIME SPEAK” contest! Paramount Pictures announces the “MAKE PRIME SPEAK” contest, a bold initiative that will supply what […]

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Fenrir Profile

CHARACTER PROFILE FOR FENRIR   FENRIR “Never tell me the cost… only the price!”   PROFILE:When Fenrir wants something, the wise course of action is to get out of his way — fast! Utterly single-minded, brutally direct and determined to have and to hold all manner of precious artefacts and valuable cargos, Fenrir lets some kind of primal instinct grip […]

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