Titanium 3″ Grimlock, Scorponok, Predaking Out

The Titanium 3" line has just grown larger!  Well, not really, they're still three inches, but there are certainly more of them to choose from.  Allspark Scottimus Prime has reported sighting the latest wave, consisting of Grimlock, Scorponok and Predaking, at a Walmart in Rochester, NY.  Unfortunately, no pictures are available yet, but Scottimus is a longstanding member of the […]

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New Target DPCI Info

Allspark admin and Target computer spy Mouth04 has some more information on some new upcoming Transformers products! These are NOT from Hasbro, but from a company called Kid Designs, Inc.087-06-1036 Transformers Desktop PC $69.99087-06-1179 Transformers Walkie Talkies $19.99087-06-1218 Transformers Light Up Assortment $16.99 Also: Classics are at most Targets by now in their back room, or will be by the […]

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New Pictures from Japanese Boards

Allspark member gaoKaiser brings us some new pictures of current Transformer and Transformer-related products from the Japanese boards.  Featured are Kiss-Play's Atari and her teeny tiny friend Autorooper, Moledive (alias Menasor) in a gerwalk mode, 6" Titanium Jetfire, and the very shiny reissue Great Goldran from the Brave series. Check out all of the pictures here at the Allspark Forums! […]

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