Transformers 2007 Sneak Peak, Michael Bay Tidbit from TFTM DVD

With the release of the 20th Anniversary Transformers: The Movie DVD, enterprising 2005 Boards poster Waveride has encoded and Youtube'd the "Sneak Peek", which gives us the theatrical "Announcement" teaser featuring the Mars Rover, as well as a brief interview with Michael Bay, Roberto Orci and Robert Kurtzman.  You can view the Youtube video here , or click Read More […]

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New Movie Toy Listings at Forbidden Planet

{mosimage}The Transformers Movie is getting closer with every day that passes.  We've seen different toy listings from various sources over the past few months that reference movie toys.  Now Forbiddenplanet has jumped on board the movie toy listing bandwagon and posted three new movie toys. Titanium Bumblebee @ £5.99 Titanium Incinirator @ £5.99 Titanium Optimus Prime @ £5.99 You can […]

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Once again, the friendly people over at reports interesting news. It turns out that the canadian online store have the Optimus Prime VS Megatron 2-Pack in stock! This might be a sign that the 2-Pack is headed for retail release pretty soon. Those of you with a need for this set, should check out this page, the pack is priced at $29.99 and also comes with an […]

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Titanium “6” Scourge and Optimal Optimus Released In Canada

Our friends over at has reported that Titanium "6" figures Scourge and Optimal Optimus have been found at Zellers stores in Quebec, Canada. Those of you wanting these Titaniums should check your nearest Zellers stores to see if there is any Titaniums present, you might be in luck. Happy hunting, Canadians! Go here to see the original post over […]

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