Sales, Sales, and More Sales

With Christmas right around the corner, lots of retailers are pumping up the business by running things on sale.  As a Transfran, you are benefiting from their Holiday(ahem..profit..ahem) inspired benevolence.  Here are a couple sales brought to us by our good friends Kyde and Metroplex79 of the Allspark. Starting Saturday, November 18th, Canadian Toys R Us stores will be running […]

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Classics Jetfire Out

Adam "16bit" Pawlus, Entertainment Earth Marketing Stooge Extraordinaire, stooges quite well, letting us know that Classics Jetfire is shipping from!   Additionally, Classics Jets was discovered at a Wal-Mart, as evidenced by this post from MagnusPrimal on the 2005 Boards. However, the poster did not indicate exactly where the figure was discovered.  Don't forget to post about it in […]

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Primus With Classics Bonus Minicons Released In Canada

The folks over at reports that Transformers Cybertron Primus with the 4 Classics Minicons has been released in Canada. Approx 30 units of this release have been found at a Walmart in Windsor, Ontario. Those of you canadaians that would like to get your hands on this Primus with the 4 Minicons bonus might want to check out your local Walmarts […]

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