Transformers Movie Preview OP And Starscream – New Alt Mode Pics

The good people of the ACToys board strikes again; All new images of Transformers Movie Preview/Protoform Optimus Prime and Starscream! The images is quite detailed and shows them both in their respective alt modes.   Click here to see the images in the original thread at ACToys! Many thanks to Razerwire of TFW2005 and of course Beast_wars of ACToys for the […]

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Classics Legends Of Cybertron Out in Malaysia!

TFW2005 board member KA has posted a sighting of the Classics Legends of Cybertron Leobreaker, Trypticon, Perceptor, Fireflight.  This sighting actually comes from Malaysia.  These have not been sighted here in the U.S. yet, but with this sighting we can assume that the official U.S. retail sighting will be coming very soon. Thanks to KA of the TFW2005 board for […]

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The Horror, The Horror: Black Friday TRU News

Wondering what your local (and by local, I mean within the contiguous United States) Toys R Us will be doing for "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving?  Worry no longer.  The folks at have broken the news with the following information: Truth is, there's not much.  Clearancing out of Supreme Starscream figures at $24.99, and the "Black Friday Exclusive", […]

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