BBTS End-of-Year Sale

The post-holiday sales are online, too.  Our friends at Big Bad Toy Store are running a 20% off sale on thousands of items, including many in the vintage department.  The end-of-year low prices include extra savings on 40 overstock items, including Classics Prime, Mirage and Bumblebee, e-Hobby's exclusive Galvatron II reissue, 20th Anniversary Prime, Kiss-Play Atari/Autorooper, 6" Titanium Megatron and the […]

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Kiss Player Atari Autorooper Released!

Fellow allsparker Nevermore reports that Kiss Players Atari Autorooper ( Larger Binaltech version, not the smaller WST size version ) is on eBay and Yahoo Japan, which more or less confirms this toys release. Furthermore, this version is the one that comes with the Kremzeek figure as one of the accessories/features!    In his thread, he refers to these links; here and here and here. Go check them out! Many thanks to Nevermore for […]

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Wonderfest 2007 Binaltech Black Convoy

It's the return of Binaltech!  Sorta!  Ok, technically it may be Binaltech, Kiss-play, or something else entirely, but it's still awesome!  The Wonderfest 2007 convention will be selling Black Convoy, similar to Alternators Nemesis Prime but with some slightly different paint apps and some die-cast, for 6500 Yen (approx. $55 US).  TFormers has the story, along with a picture from […]

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