Updated HLJ Policy Regarding MP-05 Megatron

Hobby Link Japan has clarified its policy regarding their release of the upcoming Masterpiece Megatron figure, which transforms into a realistic, if oversized, Walther P-38 UNCLE Special handgun.  Allspark staffer Drivaaar's post in this thread reveals that HLJ will not ship the toy to US addresses without placing a blaze orange-colored cap on the barrel, due to US safety laws, […]

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Classics Skywarp Remolded From Starscream

In a very minor, almost unnoticeable move, Hasbro has remolded the "pylons" that sit on the shoulders of Classics "Battle for Autobot City" Skywarp (the figure currently hitting Targets now, packed in with Ultra Magnus).  Where Starscream had a small patch of detail made up of four horizontal rectangular reliefs, the same area on Skywarp features five; additionally, the angle […]

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