New BBTS Preorders; Japanese BW Sets, 8 Figure Set And 2 Figure Set

The good folks over at BBTS have updated their website, and now has an preorder available for a Set of 8 figures and another one for a set of 2 figures, named Optimus Primal and Megatron. Both sets is part of the Japanese Beast Wars line. The sets are scheduled to be released this March, and the 8 figure set can be preordered for $224.99, while the 2 figure […]

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Avast, ye scurvy knaves! The Allspark be hacked!

{mosimage}Yes, its true! Just when we thought our server troubles were over it seems some enterprising Decepticon has broken in and made a mockery of Hasbro's "Ask Vector Prime" section. Apparently, in between marauding the spacelanes and searching his spacenet for robot porn, he has decided that he wants to interact with Transformers fans here on The Allspark. Since we […]

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