Allspark First!: Detailed Galleries of Movie Figures

{mosimage}Allspark poster Great Goldran has posted several galleries of upcoming figures from astf.  He shows both robot and alt. modes and gives pictures of the transformation sequences.  Remember ladies and gents, you saw it here first. Bump n' Go Optimus Prime Fast Action Battler Optimus Prime Protoform Optimus Prime Voyager Ratchet  Thanks to Allspark member Great Goldran for the great […]

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TFAuctions “Design An Alternator” Winners Revealed!

{mosimage}Recently, teamed with Hasbro, the Allspark, TFormers, and TFWire to bring the fandom a new contest where entrants could take some pre-prepared Alternators lineart and design a brand new deco, bringing favorite characters back into the spotlight.  The winners were 1st Place Mike Colonnese of Los Angeles with Kickback; 2nd place went to Lassi Salohalla of Finland's Starscream; 3rd […]

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