Fractal Matters Interviews Nick Roche

{mosimage}Scaling the fandom's heights of popularity is brand new IDW artist Nick Roche, the man responsible for the Hot Rod and forthcoming Kup Spotlight issues, as well as providing covers for the Transformers: Generations and Transformers: Target 2006 reprints.  Now, Fractal Matter, a UK-based site, has posted a lengthy interview with the man, including some never-before-seen artwork from the upcoming […]

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Show Us Your Titaniums! War Within Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm In-Package

{mosimage}Joe Moore of the 2005 Boards has posted some newly released official Hasbro images of 6" Titanium figures Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm, both of which take on appearances based on how the two characters would hypothetically appear in the War Within universe.  Ultra Magnus features a lot more blue than is normally found on a White-Optimus-Prime-as-Magnus redeco, and Sunstorm is […]

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All Hands On Deck! Ask Cannonball Returns!

{mosimage}Get the lead out, ye slimy bilgerats!  Cannonball here, announcing yet again that I've overtaken the Allspark's webspace to answer more of your inconsequential and poorly-formatted questions!  Click on this bleedin' link here to read the cretinous questions and my brilliant, diamond-honed answers, and be sure to Ask Cannonball iffen ye have any more questions about the life of Cybertron's […]

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