Interview With Daniel Suarez, Activision Exec. Producer

    As the release of astf nears, the Allspark is fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk details with Daniel Suarez, Executive Producer at Activison for the Transformers games.    The Allspark:     What memories do you have of Transformers personally?   Daniel Suarez: For this answer I thought it would be appropriate for those reading to understand […]

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New Takara TF Web Site

Takara, now known as TakaraTomy officially, has moved and made over its Transformers web site.  Click here to see the new layout and browse the site.  There are character profiles (in Japanese, of course) for several G1 characters including Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Ironhide and the creatively spelled "Bunblebee," and pages for Masterpiece, THS, Beast Wars, Sports Label, Music Label and […]

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Images of some new Star Wars Transformers toys have been uploaded to Hasbro's official Star Wars toy site.  The new toys, also seen at Toyfair, include Saesee Tinn, Mace Windu, and the Episode II Clone Pilot (although the images aren't properly matched to their vehicle mode).  Thanks to Octavius Prime for starting a discussion thread on this!  Also of note, has […]

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TF Club Membership Deadline Approaching

The deadline to sign up for Transformers Collectors Club membership and get this year's exclusive figure, Breakaway, is March 16th.  That's a week from this Friday, so time is running out! Meanwhile, the Club Store has a bevy of new Classics offerings up for the ordering.  Ramjet and Cliffjumper join earlier deluxe figures Rodimus, Grimlock and Mirage.  The Mini-Con Clear […]

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