Transformers Movie Video Game Developers Announced

If you've played either of the LEGO Star Wars video games, then, whether you know it or not, you're familiar with the work of Travellers Tales, the development team behind those two mega-hits. And it looks like they've got another mega-hit-to-be on their hands, with Activision's cross-platform astf game set to debut this summer, coinciding with the film's release.  Available […]

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Rumour: MP-05 TakaraTomy Factory Modded Orange Tip

We've previously reported on some online retailers' plans to modify MP-05 to include a US-safety-law-friendly orange cap to the tip of Megatron's gun barrel so as to successfully pass through customs.  Now comes a rumour regarding TakaraTomy's plans to aid in this effort, courtesy of  Please be aware that this is just a rumour at this point! "Takara-Tomy will be […]

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Corgi at Toy Fair: All We Need Now Are A Few Cookies and a Lot of Milk

Yes, yes, and chocolate chips are the right of all sentient beings.  We've heard the jokes.  Corgi has a booth at Toy Fair, and they've provided some teaser images of upcoming products, including mini-busts, dioramas, and the most anticipated astf tie-in product of all time, the Optimus Prime Cookie Jar!  TFW2005 brings us the news in the form of an […]

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