Is It? Could It Be? MP-05 Megatron? (Short Answer: No.)

If this image at BigBadToyStore is legitimate, we may have our very first look at the upcoming Masterpiece Megatron figure, albeit in silhouette.  Robogeek28 has posted this thread on our forums linking to this preorder page on BBTS's website featuring "MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron with Modified Orange Barrel", and a darkened silhouette of what appears to be the figure itself. One […]

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Lucky Draw Green Unicron – Reviewed!

Lucky Draw Transformers are figures of mythic proportions.  These limited release figures have spanned several lines and tend to be give-a-way contest prizes for Japanese toy magazines or other similiarly obscure parties.  The number released varies and the price commanded for such figures rises as the production numbers go down.  One of the most renowned and rarely seen of these […]

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Transformers Movie Preview OP And Starscream – New Alt Mode Pics

The good people of the ACToys board strikes again; All new images of Transformers Movie Preview/Protoform Optimus Prime and Starscream! The images is quite detailed and shows them both in their respective alt modes.   Click here to see the images in the original thread at ACToys! Many thanks to Razerwire of TFW2005 and of course Beast_wars of ACToys for the […]

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