Biggest. Geeks. Ever.

And we love them here at the Allspark.  Click "Read More" below to see some of the most impressive Cosplay (that's a Japanese-originated term for "costume play") Transformers costumes ever constructed, featuring the Constructicons, Hot Rod, Blurr and Blaster, from the Japan Expo 2004.  Thanks to Obsequiosity for the link.  Seriously.  These guys make us look like amateurs. Comments

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Transformers Movie To Play in British Theaters

Not THAT astf. 1986's seminal animation outing, Transformers: The Movie, will be rereleased to theaters in London's West End by Metrodome, the company responsible for releasing the Japanese series boxsets and the forthcoming special edition of the original movie.  The purpose of this rerelease is to capitalize on the upcoming fervor being created by the live action film, due out […]

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