TransForce 2007 Guest Update: Neil Kaplan

The website for Transforce 2007, One of the two major UK/Euro TF convention events, have been updated with some exciting news. It turns out that the voice of RID Optimus Prime, Neil Kaplan, will be appearing at the convention. Go here to check out the update.   This makes the total of 6 people on the current guest list, the other 5 being Nick Roche, Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, Lew Stringer and […]

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Figure King Magazine: New Primal, Autorooper To Include Kremzeek

The latest issue of Figure King magazine includes a shadowy picture that implies yet another Beast Wars Optimus Primal toy.  The accessories look suspiciously like the original BW Ultra toy, so it's likely this is a repaint of the version which recently appeared in a 2-pack both in Japan and in US Toys'R'Us stores.  Of perhaps more interest, there is […]

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Classics Skywarp, Magnus Vehicle Modes

Although pictures and information have been available for some time for the Target exclusive Classics 2-pack of Skywarp and Ultra Magnus, now we have our first look at their vehicle modes (and presumably their final paint schemes).  Originally posted on, there is also a thread started on our forums courtesy of Noisemaze.  Join in the discussion by clicking here! […]

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