Double Frank Welker Interviews

{mosimage}The second golden-throated voice actor Emperor of Destruction, Frank Welker, is not in one but TWO interviews! One by UGO Movieblog's Jordan Hoffman and another by Newsarama's Steve Fritz, and just following the tail of Shout! Factoy's release of the original Generation 1 cartoon second season episodes. What's to hear from the proverbial "Man of a Thousand Voices" in the […]

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First DVD & Blu-Ray TV Spot for “Revenge of the Fallen”

{mosimage}Heads up! The first DVD and Blu-Ray TV spot for astf is now up on YouTube! Emphasis this time is the Augmented Reality capabilities on both two-disc editions, allowing users to interact with a semi-holographic image of Optimus utilizing a webcam. Said interaction is on certain section of the discs and the images on the cases. Don't forget it comes […]

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Andy Schmidt Talks “Transformers: Continuum”

{mosimage}IDW editor Andy Schmidt (and writer of "Spotlight Metroplex") talks with USA Today on "Transformers: Continuum", where Continuum is something like a history book for our robotic overlords. Some of Andy's response includes: it's a good entry point for those not familiar with any Transformers comics, covers a timeline perspective in third person, and more. The fan base is really […]

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