Interview with Mike Costa, USA Today on Ongoing #1

{mosimage}Seibertron was kind enough to post up an interview with IDW writer Mike Costa, who's penning the Transformers Ongoing series! Ongoing will be gradually expanding the canvas, Earth-centric for a good while at the beginning, CODA created help tie up loose ends, his opinions on some of the other stories, and more! Also, USA Today covered Ongoing #1 with quite […]

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High Quality RotF NEST Voyager Bludgeon Gallery

{mosimage}Japanese blog otakuhiayuu uploaded an extensive gallery of the upcoming astf NEST Voyager Bludgeon.  This gallery gives us our best look at the figure yet.  The gallery features detailed images of Bludgeon in robot mode, tank mode, his transformation, and varying poses with his weapons. You can view the images mirrored in our galleries, and discuss them in our forums.  […]

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HA Barricade, Deluxe Ratchet, Brawn, Scout Skystalker, Scattorshot

{mosimage} New images of upcoming astf toys are coming to us from the Autumn 2009 Miyazawa Model Show! On display at the event were Human Alliance Barricade, Deluxe Class Ratchet, Deluxe Class Brawn, Scout Class Skystalker, and Scout Class Scattorshot! There was also another Deluxe, a Voyager and an advertisement for green EZ Collection Devastator at the booth, but they […]

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