War For Cybertron Jazz – Best Buy Unlockable Character

{mosimage} Joining Shockwave and Demolisher is another retailer exclusive unlockable character for the upcoming War for Cybertron video game! Best Buy has revealed that if you pre-order the game through them, you will be able to unlock everyone's favorite cool cat, Jazz!  You can click here to see the pre-order page on Best Buy's website, along with pictures of Jazz. […]

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Small Talk From Kurtzman About “TF: Prime”

{mosimage}As in really small. The article from Broadcasting & Cable focuses primarily on The Hub, with President of Hasbro Studios Stephen Davis up to plate. Regarding "Transformers: Prime", Alex Kurtzman, who worked on the scripts to both Transformers live-action films, has this to say: “There is a stigma about things being done by committee creatively, but there is so much […]

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More Animated EZ Collection Store Exclusives

{mosimage}Joining Toys'R'Us Japan's exclusive EZ Collection Animated Optimus Clear Red Version on the Animated EZ Collection present campaign, there's Prowl, Bumblebee, and Starscream! How to get the new guys? Animated Prowl Clear Smoke Ver. is available after purchasing TA-01 Optimus or TA-06 Megatron at Apita stores; purchase 3,000 yen or more of Animated merchandise at any Itouyoukadou store to obtain […]

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