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yesterday was miserable. today is bad. tomorrow will be worse. that's just the way it is.
Welp, house smells like burning sewer, but the drain runs again.
wonko the sane?
wonko the sane?
Nice to know the chemical solution lasted a month. Clogged again, we snaked it this time. Only took 5 minutes... for once. God we need to get that sewer fixed.
"SANTA, GO AWAY!" The fun things you hear from coworkers when you're in retail.
I am here, i do art and stuff


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Man, the Allspark just isn't the same without a chat box at the top of every page full of obnoxious commentary from people I have on ignore for a reason.
I love that I finally get to read the MTMTE comics-

Red Alert: There's a sparkeater on board!
Rodimus: Cool.


Ultra Magnus: We're being chased by a planet.
Rodimus: Cool.
Rodimus: Sorry, what?
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I thought Megatron said that they were being chased by a planet but that was funny nonetheless
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