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@  Cyoti : (20 November 2019 - 11:23 PM)

It's probably stuck on the low priority end of Warden's to-do list.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (20 November 2019 - 10:45 PM)

Because the only full-body Nightbeat was that Bumblebee with a new head one.

@  Bass X0 : (20 November 2019 - 04:14 PM)

Why has there been no new Minerva toys? I’m surprised at Takara. The Titan Master head doesn’t count.

@  Maximus Ambus : (20 November 2019 - 01:05 PM)

On my shelf I have Ginrai donning the Star Convoy armor.

@  Liege : (19 November 2019 - 07:42 AM)

That he is.

@  Benbot : (18 November 2019 - 04:01 PM)

And a good boy

@  Liege : (18 November 2019 - 09:19 AM)

Hound is at least a very good toy.

@  ThunderWear : (18 November 2019 - 09:11 AM)

Hound is the only other one that even comes close to Chromia in my area, and he ships in two separate waves.

@  Liege : (18 November 2019 - 08:58 AM)

This might be how they finally get rid of all the Chromias. I've not seen a shelfwarmer like that in ages.

@  RichardT1977 : (17 November 2019 - 08:26 PM)

It's a good deal if you want a full set of Refraktor (and if they have them at your location)

@  TheMightyMol... : (17 November 2019 - 04:43 PM)

Here we can buy two and get one free, but at least two of them are gonna be the same toy, because lol distribution.

@  Bass X0 : (17 November 2019 - 01:01 PM)

In the U.K., it’s more like you but two, you only get one given how expensive they are.

@  RichardT1977 : (17 November 2019 - 11:38 AM)

Transformers are Buy 2 Get 1 free at Target this week.

@  Bass X0 : (17 November 2019 - 04:29 AM)

2019 has been one long South Park episode.

@  Sjogre : (16 November 2019 - 10:46 PM)

Okay, that actually sounds pretty fun.

@  Maximus Ambus : (15 November 2019 - 12:49 PM)

It was set in the forties, featured Nazi's as the villains and had Kiko fight mostly Ice Age animals and a mythical dragon that now ruled the island guarding Kongs treasure.

@  Paladin : (15 November 2019 - 11:37 AM)

and it was ALSO eleven hours long.

@  Maximus Ambus : (15 November 2019 - 10:55 AM)

In a alternate reality Peter Jackson made Son of Kong.

@  wonko the sane? : (15 November 2019 - 09:30 AM)

To be fair to boba: everyone else to go into the sarlacc was a sacrifice. Stripped almost naked and tossed, and didn't have body armor, a jetpack and a weapon.

@  TheMightyMol... : (15 November 2019 - 06:54 AM)

Nah, he just has to keep up his plot insurance payments so he can shoot his way out of the Sarlacc again.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (15 November 2019 - 02:59 AM)

Funny, but everyone knows he bounty hunts for Jabba Hutt to finance his 'Vette.

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (15 November 2019 - 02:54 AM)

Okay.. Not sure why.. but streaming is harder than jsut playing the game.. even though that's pretty much what I was doing.

@  Xellos : (14 November 2019 - 06:47 PM)

What type of vehicle does Boba Fett use for time travel? A Man-DeLorean.

@  TM2-Megatron : (14 November 2019 - 03:55 PM)

Admittedly, it's been a long time since I've been to a walk-in clinic, as I tend not to get sick (and the one time I do every 4-5 years, I prefer just riding it out at home), but the last time I went I'm pretty sure you could just show up, no appointment. It may be different in Quebec,though

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 02:36 PM)

One thing to note about health insurance in Germany is that we have a two-class system: mandatory health insurance is basically the economy class, while private health insurance is the business class.

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 02:32 PM)

My local doctor is actually a shared office with several doctors where you will get randomly assigned to one of the doctors available that day.

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 02:30 PM)

Also, employers are required by law to cover part of their employees' health insurance fees, so I only have to pay my part.

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 02:28 PM)

Basic examinations and sick notes (known as "work-inability certificates" in Germany) for the employer are covered by our health insurances by default.

@  TheMightyMol... : (14 November 2019 - 12:02 PM)

Around here, we can go to a walk-in clinic whenever, but might have to wait in the queue until there's a doctor available, which can take hours on a busy day. And then hope our insurance will cover anything.

@  wonko the sane? : (14 November 2019 - 07:38 AM)

There actually are a good number of clinics around here: but the walk ins require an appointment (what?) and are only done once a week. IF you can get an appointment, you see a doctor usually within 40 minutes, but good luck getting the appointment.

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 03:35 AM)

Depending on the day.

@  Nevermore : (14 November 2019 - 03:35 AM)

We have family doctors (called "house doctors") with regular office hours where you may need an hour or two of waiting time.

@  TM2-Megatron : (14 November 2019 - 12:50 AM)

Two weeks? That seems a little long; are there not a lot of walk-in clinics around you?

@  wonko the sane? : (13 November 2019 - 07:01 PM)

Does germany make it quick and easy to see a doctor too? Cause an emergency doctor visit can take two weeks out here, and an emergency ROOM visit can take 18-24 hours.

@  Nevermore : (13 November 2019 - 06:43 PM)

(Good thing is, under German law, if you call in sick during your vacation and see a doctor immediately, you get to keep your vacation days.)

@  Nevermore : (13 November 2019 - 06:42 PM)

Too bad. My plans wee to do two more overtime hours before having my last day of vacation for the year on Friday. Oh well.

@  Nevermore : (13 November 2019 - 06:41 PM)

So I'm currently on medical leave for a particularly stupid reason: Burned my back with a hot-water bag while sleeping last night. Though the doctor said I'm hardly the first person to have this happen to them.

@  Patch : (13 November 2019 - 06:11 PM)

Just a particularly odious example of the 90s era of depicting transgender women as either the subject of crude humor, or "Jerry Springer" material.

@  Ashley : (13 November 2019 - 04:55 PM)

I think Ace Ventura legit contributed to me spending years in self denial. I will never be ok with Jim Carrey.

@  Benbot : (13 November 2019 - 01:22 PM)

I thought he since changed his tune.

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (13 November 2019 - 12:51 PM)

Jim Carry Paladin?

@  Maximus Ambus : (13 November 2019 - 12:22 PM)

Don't doubt what he can do. Sonic the Hedgehog!

@  Paladin : (13 November 2019 - 11:51 AM)

not giving a dime to a transphobic antivaxxer.

@  wonko the sane? : (13 November 2019 - 11:25 AM)

It'll be a terrible movie if jim carrey phones it in. Otherwise it should be decent.

@  Paladin : (13 November 2019 - 10:45 AM)

sonics' still gonna be a terrible movie but at least they whined loud enough to make him look passable for a 2-minute trailer. "yay."

@  ▲ndrusi : (13 November 2019 - 10:37 AM)

But of course to annoying people there's no such thing as different decisions made for different reasons, there is only "I like it so it's right" and "I don't like it so it's wrong."

@  ▲ndrusi : (13 November 2019 - 10:35 AM)

Even if we pretend it's objective truth that they were both bad, then they were bad in very different ways.

@  ▲ndrusi : (13 November 2019 - 10:33 AM)

Sonic's previous movie design looked genuinely bad. The Transformers '07 designs just looked insufficiently like what certain loud and obnoxious parts of the fandom think Transformers are required to always look like.

@  Otaku : (13 November 2019 - 08:50 AM)

Um... Purple Monkey Dishwasher?

@  TheMightyMol... : (13 November 2019 - 08:25 AM)

Do we really need to have Every Movie Transformer Thread Ever in the Squawkbox?

Ataru Moroboshi's Transformers Collection

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#1 (Deactivated) Ataru_Moroboshi

(Deactivated) Ataru_Moroboshi
  • Guests

Posted 08 October 2006 - 11:31 PM

See page two for the new layout! (It was too big to post in here)

Edited by Ataru_Moroboshi, 17 September 2007 - 01:46 AM.

#2 Spectre

  • Retired Staff
  • 10636 posts

Posted 08 October 2006 - 11:37 PM

More organized than a lot of collections I've seen, so props for that.

#3 Robogeek1973

  • Retired Staff
  • 15456 posts

Posted 09 October 2006 - 06:54 AM

Schweet! Yet more pics that make me wish I had more room so I could display all my stuff! icon-wildride.gif

#4 Bass X0

Bass X0
  • Citizen
  • 43918 posts

Posted 09 October 2006 - 06:58 AM

Might impressive.

a lot of my collection comes from ebay second hand...

so on some figures, the stickers are scuffled or the toys themselves are slightly broken. icon-screamer.gif

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#5 Chip


    Machine Saurer, my strength / Only you can understand my heart.

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Posted 09 October 2006 - 07:09 AM

Huh. Your BW2 Galvatron has a red marble?

#6 (Deactivated) Ataru_Moroboshi

(Deactivated) Ataru_Moroboshi
  • Guests

Posted 09 October 2006 - 11:30 AM

Thanks, guys! Yah, space is still an issue...it always bugs me when there's a guy in the back I can't see or reach easily, so I'm always shifting 'em around a little bit. Heheh...

As for my BWII Galvatron, I lost his original marble at some point during my errant teenage years, so I replaced it with a standard marble. icon-fire.gif

#7 Bainreese

  • Retired Staff
  • 15743 posts

Posted 09 October 2006 - 02:22 PM

Added to the collections thread! Thanks!

·´¯`·.¸. , . .·´¯`·.. ><((((º>
·´¯`·.. ><((((º> ·´¯`·.¸. , . .·´¯`·.. ><((((º>

#8 (Deactivated) Thunderous Iron Moose 3000!

(Deactivated) Thunderous Iron Moose 3000!
  • Guests

Posted 10 October 2006 - 09:40 AM

So much there I'd like to make mine.


#9 Zyking


    Totally one of gods gifts to women!

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  • 5675 posts

Posted 10 October 2006 - 09:41 PM

Incredible collection, Ataru.

You got loads of good stuff, and your images gives a lot of homeage to all the Transformers. icon-hotrod.gif

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"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, surrounded by bungholes." -William Gibson

#10 ▲ndrusi


    Praise be to Stakeout.

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 10:10 PM

AAAAAARGH! Just when I got used to Atari Motorcycle!

#11 (Deactivated) Asuma Shinohara

(Deactivated) Asuma Shinohara
  • Guests

Posted 09 November 2006 - 10:16 PM

Heh, well if I ever change my name, it'll always be to a character voiced by Toshio Furukawa. icon-fire.gif

#12 Spark

  • Citizen
  • 39159 posts

Posted 09 November 2006 - 10:20 PM

HAW! HAW! I've got stuff you don't!

E-Hobby Megaplex and Cobalt Sentriesssss... Preciousssss...

Yeah, I'll cordially say that I hate you for the sheer amount of exclusives you have. But you also have Grandus, who instantly brings down the coolness of your collection by 700%.

Fall of Cybertron will blow your mind. That is all.

#13 (Deactivated) Asuma Shinohara

(Deactivated) Asuma Shinohara
  • Guests

Posted 10 November 2006 - 12:23 AM

Oh, you won't be laughing when someone hurls a death note tied to a Grandus through your window at 1 A.M.... icon-fire.gif

Yeah, I'm probably the only Transfan who bought Star Convoy...because he already had Grandus, and not the other way around. Gotta love that motorized elevator...BRRRRRRRRMMMMMMBBBB ^_^ Makes me wish I also had...what's it called? Dag Base? Dug Base? (The Brave Grandus redeco).

Edited by Asuma Shinohara, 10 November 2006 - 12:24 AM.

#14 (Deactivated) TVsGrady

(Deactivated) TVsGrady
  • Guests

Posted 10 November 2006 - 12:34 AM

*is green with envy*

#15 TheAFNYGuy


    I can see it all from here

  • Validating
  • 2265 posts

Posted 10 November 2006 - 12:38 AM

I'm going to get flamed, but who's that silver tarantulas?

#16 Spark

  • Citizen
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Posted 10 November 2006 - 12:40 AM

QUOTE(Asuma Shinohara @ Nov 10 2006, 12:23 AM) View Post

Oh, you won't be laughing when someone hurls a death note tied to a Grandus through your window at 1 A.M.... icon-fire.gif

Yeah, I'm probably the only Transfan who bought Star Convoy...because he already had Grandus, and not the other way around. Gotta love that motorized elevator...BRRRRRRRRMMMMMMBBBB ^_^ Makes me wish I also had...what's it called? Dag Base? Dug Base? (The Brave Grandus redeco).

I wouldn't bother with it. It succeeds in making Cap'n Box even uglier and is not compatible with Star Convoy.

QUOTE(TheAFNYGuy @ Nov 10 2006, 12:38 AM) View Post

I'm going to get flamed, but who's that silver tarantulas?

It's Tarantulas, the Fox Kids repaint version. Oh wait, flamed? I forgot to couch that correctly: It's Fox Kids Tarantulas, YOU *scrubbed*.

Edited by Spark, 10 November 2006 - 12:56 AM.

Fall of Cybertron will blow your mind. That is all.

#17 Skids


    Get your quest on.

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Posted 10 November 2006 - 12:49 AM

Awesome Collection. Very Impressive.

#18 Primus_Feather

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  • 352 posts

Posted 11 November 2006 - 01:24 AM

::sniff:: so many transformers I dont/wont have ::cries::
..I know its not just me who thinks they're gonna kiss..

Click for some Hawt Fembot on Fembot action!!

#19 Robogeek1973

  • Retired Staff
  • 15456 posts

Posted 11 November 2006 - 08:05 AM

Your new pics reminds me I need to get a RM Lio Convoy at some point.

#20 Darkstream


    The original darkstream since 2003!

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Posted 02 January 2007 - 06:07 AM

where you gett hose minicon holders?