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@  Maximus Ambus : (19 October 2020 - 07:38 AM)

Greasepit for the Sports Car Patrol, Airwave for the Airstrike Patrol, Hot House for the Rescue Patrol, Ironworks for ????

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 October 2020 - 04:09 AM)

My local Walmart FINALLY got a restock of Generations during the early September reset and got a big shipment of Earthrise wave 1 (the first I’d seen around here). IF, and that’s a big IF, they restock I’m expecting a bunch of wave 3. Or wave 2. But we’ll be skipping one of those waves.

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 October 2020 - 04:08 AM)

Barricade hanging around

@  Steevy Maximus : (19 October 2020 - 04:08 AM)

Brunt barely appeared here at all, wave 3 was pretty much skipped for a big load of wave 4, with Impactor and

@  wonko the sane? : (18 October 2020 - 10:13 PM)

Brunt is shelfwarming around me. One walmart moved the whole lot of them off to a side shelf, but couldn't be added to liquidate them.

@  unluckiness : (18 October 2020 - 09:01 PM)

Ironworks is a plague. No idea if it was overproduced or if nobody wants it but thing's clogging shelves.

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (18 October 2020 - 04:23 PM)

My walmart the few times I go in will be lucky to have two or three transformers period.

@  TheMightyMol... : (18 October 2020 - 10:29 AM)

I mostly just see walls of Ironworks. And the occassional Siege Hound.

@  Paladin : (18 October 2020 - 08:44 AM)


@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 08:40 AM)

My local Symths is still chock full of Earthrise wave 1.

@  wonko the sane? : (18 October 2020 - 08:24 AM)

Yup, generally so much they don't bother with any other waves as the existing stock doesn't sell out.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:56 AM)

All the damn time.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:56 AM)

If there's anything there's going to be plenty of stock, it's wave 1.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:56 AM)

I'm really not worried about wave 1 of a new line EVER.

@  wonko the sane? : (18 October 2020 - 07:47 AM)

At least you got listings for kingdom. walmart canada won't list them until they're actually in stock and that could very well never happen. I'm gonna get mine from BBTS cause I'm not missing out on the maximals.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:32 AM)

And I don't buy the "they all sold out" explanation. The Kingdom figures are still listed.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:32 AM)

I don't see any of Friday's reveals at Walmart.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:23 AM)

There's a difference between "sold out" and "no trace of a listing".

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:23 AM)

There is still a listing for the scalped and sold out Walmart exclusive limited edition version of Gigawatt.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 07:22 AM)

But there should still be a listing.

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (18 October 2020 - 06:30 AM)

Probably got scalped and sold out in seconds.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 04:10 AM)

And I don't see links anywhere either.

@  Nevermore : (18 October 2020 - 04:10 AM)

So did Walmart somehow fail put up the Headmasters preorders as promised by Hasbro, or have the listings been taken down again? I cannot find them.

@  Kalidor : (18 October 2020 - 03:02 AM)

My Depth Charge is signed by David Sobolov on the wing.

@  Echowarrior : (16 October 2020 - 09:51 PM)

So do I, and I am one.

@  TheMightyMol... : (16 October 2020 - 07:33 PM)

I need an adult.

@  -LittleAutob... : (16 October 2020 - 11:26 AM)

Watching people talk here is satisfying-

@  wonko the sane? : (16 October 2020 - 05:57 AM)

Nope, just awesome 80's metal hair.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (15 October 2020 - 12:17 PM)

Feathered Depthcharge? Does he turn into a fish with feathers?

@  Maximus Ambus : (15 October 2020 - 11:57 AM)

i've seen fan vids of feathered Dinobot and Depthcharge (which got a top comment by someone who claims to be his voice actor) which show how CG progressed.

@  wonko the sane? : (15 October 2020 - 08:01 AM)

A great story, and characters which more than make up for the now dated looking (but still clean and fluid.) CGI.

@  Maximus Ambus : (15 October 2020 - 03:31 AM)

Thanks to Kingdom I've been rewatching Beast Wars. Still tops.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (15 October 2020 - 03:19 AM)

If they manage to tie GI Joe into Transformers like I hear they're trying to do, and it manages to put Joe product on the shelves again? I will totally forgive even the worst movie ever.

@  Telly : (15 October 2020 - 12:58 AM)

they LOOK cool, but i dont like the size. i grew up in the late 70s and early 80s where action figure size was 3 3/4, so thats what i prefer

@  fourteenwings : (15 October 2020 - 12:32 AM)

I think the new G.I. Joe Classified figures are pretty cool.

@  Telly : (14 October 2020 - 07:11 PM)

speaking of gi joe, just bought my first gi joe figure since...2011? whenever the 30th anniversary/pursuit of cobra was. got the so-called "retro" storm shadow. only got him cause i missed the ultimate version way back when

@  wonko the sane? : (14 October 2020 - 02:13 PM)

He has to say something eventually...

@  Bass X0 : (14 October 2020 - 02:11 PM)

New G.I. Joe anything has been a disappointment. The biggest of which is what I hear they will do with SnakeEyes.

@  Steevy Maximus : (14 October 2020 - 02:05 PM)

The disappointment of the new GI Joe game has been offset by the arrival of PRINNYS!

@  Nevermore : (14 October 2020 - 10:45 AM)

Sure, but as a unionized worker myself, it's a hot button topic for me.

@  Steevy Maximus : (14 October 2020 - 10:44 AM)

In fairness, there are FAR more pressing issues than whether a multinational company decides to use cheaper non-union VA for their cartoons

@  ▲ndrusi : (14 October 2020 - 07:24 AM)

That isn't contradictory because "most ethical companies" is just a comparison to other companies. It's like being the fastest snail.

@  TheMightyMol... : (14 October 2020 - 03:50 AM)

Was Hasbro in charge of the voice casting?

@  Nevermore : (14 October 2020 - 12:27 AM)

Doesn't sound very ethical to me.

@  Nevermore : (14 October 2020 - 12:26 AM)

Wasn't Hasbro once awarded as one of the "most ethical companies"?

@  Sabrblade : (13 October 2020 - 10:43 AM)

Jason Marsden wasn't too thrilled about it either, in the case of Rescue Bots Academy

@  Paladin : (13 October 2020 - 07:09 AM)

the Netflix show is done with non-union VAs. Cullen & Welker both objected to this before Siege came out. everyone's forgotten already...

@  Sabrblade : (13 October 2020 - 01:12 AM)

More likely they'll all just be recast with local VAs like how Primal was voiced by Ron Perlman in POTP.

@  Maximus Ambus : (13 October 2020 - 12:09 AM)

Gary Chalk, Ian James Corlett, VenusTerzo and Blu Mankuma would be welcome. Chances are, the Beast Wars characters will be unused or a speechless legion referencing their use in IDW1.

@  Steevy Maximus : (12 October 2020 - 05:01 PM)

I'd rather get David Kaye back for Megatron.

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#1 That One Guy

That One Guy

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Posted 11 June 2019 - 12:58 AM

After doing a fair amount of thinking, I had a series of thoughts on the greater metaphysical symbolism in the Transformers Multiverse, and thought it would fun to share my ideas on the more esoteric parts of Transformers lore with the community in the hopes of starting a conversation. With that out of the way, here's what I've cooked up.

"Till all are one!"

This phrase has found itself spoken in nearly every reality within the Multiverse, and with it comes a certain religious reverence paralleled only by holy artifacts such as the Matrix of Leadership or the Allspark. But how, I ask, has this statement, this holy belief, propagated itself across nearly all reality? The answer, I believe, is found within the three beings that shape the Multiverse on it's most fundamental levels: The One, Primus, and Unicron.

As the various creation myths from across the Multiverse state, Primus and Unicron both originated from The One, the original sentient lifeform from before the Multiverse itself. As such, both gods are an extension of The One's will and reflections of The One's nature. Unicron is the embodiment of chaos and change, while Primus represents the forces of order and stasis. The One, in turn, exists as a perfect harmony of both forces, capable of balancing the two equal opposites within itself. This balance is again achieved with the existence of Primus and Unicron, giving the Multiverse as a whole the harmonic duality seen within The One.

With these common truths established, I believe it is clear that Primus and Unicron are both extensions of The One, mirroring it's own internal forces and personifying them. But, if Primus and Unicron are projections of The One cast out into the Multiverse to maintain balance and order, could the goals of these two seemingly opposite deities in fact be projections of The One's own desires? To answer this, it is necessary to examine the end goals of all three forces, and to see how they oppose and intersect. Starting with The One, its motives are largely mysterious, but a glimpse into The One's plans can be given by the Vok, the self proclaimed servants of The One and its will. To quote the Vok themselves,

"We are the Vok, the guardians of The One. We are of the source, the core, forever committed to safeguard the plan. [...] We saw the entirety of the creator's vision. The One... and The All. A unity of worlds, timelines, and dimensions. A multiversal confluence, harmonized and organized. In perfect synchronicity."

When reading this quote with the phrase, "Till all are one," in mind, connections can quickly be made. A unity of all the fragmented aspects of the Multiverse into a single harmonized, synchronized confluence: The All. All of the Multiverse becomes One. It is no small wonder then that the ultimate goal of The One, the being that has arguably shaped the Multiverse more than any other, is echoed across all realities, a philosophical sticking point that unwittingly describes the end goal of all creation. Even with this revelation revealed, however, the connections go deeper still. Unicron and Primus both embody the opposing parts of The One's nature. Would it not make sense for the two gods to also embody two opposing visions for The One's ultimate plan? Think carefully about the goals of both gods. Primus wishes for an orderly, harmonious Multiverse that is structured and peaceful. Does this not sound familiar to The All, a synchronization of all time and space into a collected, harmonious confluence? Furthermore, think of the Allspark, the realm of Primus himself, where all sparks emerge from, live, die, and then return to. All sparks return to one realm, and have all of their memories, sensations, wisdom, and more become one on a single grand database. Building on that line of thinking, the same can be seen in the Matrix of Leadership. All of the Matrix's bearers become one within the talisman, their histories, personalities, and experiences becoming contained within a single source connected to the greater Allspark.

On the other side of this dichotomy is Unicron, who's ultimate goal is the destruction and consumption of all reality until there is only him. All of the Multiverse has been reduced to one. Everything besides Unicron has been destroyed and/or consumed, leaving him the end all and be all of time and space, with nothing left to exist alongside him. With these goals made clear, I hope it has become apparent that the desires of Primus and Unicron, the equal opposites that shape the Multiverse, echo the desire of The One, the progenitor of both gods and the original being from which order and chaos coexist simultaneously, just like the forces do across the Multiverse. Both gods represent the opposing facets of The One's very being and its plan for the Multiverse, and as such act accordingly to bring about their own interpretations of their progenitor's will, the result of which shapes the Multiverse just as the forces of order and chaos shape The One. Existence is symbolism. Even The All can be symbolically seen within the Alternity and Flaternity, albeit in different ways, just like with Primus and Unicron. Every member of the Alternity is a composite being, a single identity formed from the various differing versions of that individual from across the Multiverse, all coming together into a cohesive, synchronous Transformer. These Transformers, themselves unions of all of their respective versions of themselves becoming one, are in turn the beings that make up the Alternity, with all of these composite beings coming together under one organization. The Flaternity, in turn, is a single composite being made form every Transformer from its home reality, who all merged into a single gestalt consciousness, which then ascended just as the Alternity had done before hand. Both the Alternity and Flaternity are symbolic representations of The All, albeit brought about in different ways, just as the desires of Primus and Unicron both strive for The All, but through different means.

To summarize, The One is the perfect harmony of order and chaos within one being, the projections of these two forces being Primus and Unicron, who shape the Multiverse with order and chaos. The One seeks to bring about The All, a unity where all become one, and has imparted this desire unto its creations, Primus and Unicron, who both seek The All, but through their own means, again shaping the Multiverse just as order, chaos, and the desire for The All shape The One. All reality is a symbolic representation of the forces and motives that drive these three beings, and as a result shape the nature of existence and it's inhabitants, who, like Primus and Unicron, wish to bring about a time when all are one, albeit with many interpretations as to how coexisting and battling for supremacy, just like with The One, Primus, and Unicron. Same goals and forces, different methods and interpretations. Symbolism on a Multiversal scale.

Existence is symbolism.

Till all are one.

Edited by That One Guy, 11 June 2019 - 01:08 AM.

#2 Zodberg


    The doctor is in.

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Posted 18 June 2019 - 04:21 PM

In the end, there can be only one.

#3 Jalaguy


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Posted 18 June 2019 - 05:00 PM

John Barber did a bunch of exploration of the phrase over the course of his IDW run.

It started out in RID #1-16 with "till all are one" reinterpreted as a dread warning about loss of freedom and individuality, and then taken all the way through to his final issue, OP #25, where Optimus Prime's final monologue sees him conclude that freedom and unity are not in opposition, because "One cannot be free unless all are. And if all are free—they are as one."

#4 That One Guy

That One Guy

    MaxCop gone rogue

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Posted 19 June 2019 - 12:54 AM

John Barber did a bunch of exploration of the phrase over the course of his IDW run.It started out in RID #1-16 with "till all are one" reinterpreted as a dread warning about loss of freedom and individuality, and then taken all the way through to his final issue, OP #25, where Optimus Prime's final monologue sees him conclude that freedom and unity are not in opposition, because "One cannot be free unless all are. And if all are free—they are as one."

The amount of symbolism and unique meanings that can be taken away from the statement is honestly staggering. It's one of those phrases that almost anyone can find meaning in, which I think is pretty cool, especially since in the lore it's a Multiversal concept, so it's no wonder that it crops up everywhere.

#5 Destron D-69

Destron D-69

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Posted 20 June 2019 - 02:48 PM

from a religious standpoint the idea that Primus is sending out tiny parts of himself to learn and grow and then return again...


lends an interesting meaning to the phrase  

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