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@  Bass X0 : (12 August 2020 - 01:49 PM)

Can you root for what The Rock is cooking!?

@  -LittleAutob... : (12 August 2020 - 10:35 AM)

sOmEoNe NoTiCeD-

@  wonko the sane? : (12 August 2020 - 07:37 AM)

I am the only one rooting for the rock these days?

@  Maximus Ambus : (12 August 2020 - 12:37 AM)

Sour grapes for the next decade until Apophis hits.

@  Hg Dragon : (11 August 2020 - 11:26 PM)

Thank yoo for vatching hydroolic pthress chan-nel.

@  Hg Dragon : (11 August 2020 - 11:19 PM)

Hey, do you have any grapes?

@  Otaku : (11 August 2020 - 05:18 PM)

I dunno... it sounds kind of quackers to me.

@  -LittleAutob... : (11 August 2020 - 05:17 PM)

That would be nice....

@  TheMightyMol... : (11 August 2020 - 04:36 PM)

I wish I could just sit by a pond and watch ducks for a while.

@  Maximus Ambus : (11 August 2020 - 03:52 AM)

Others say Joe sat down at this pond next to these ducks but really there's just no place in this world for an old man and his ducks.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 06:48 PM)

Even worse when I can produce those verifiable facts at a later point, and then the other person simply claims the argument was the other way round (as in, I was actually arguing their position and vice versa).

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 06:47 PM)

I can argue with people about my versus their memory of events when verifiable facts are not readily available, though, and I get really annoyed when I'm capable of presenting a precise, step-by-step summary with multiple key points that can be used for future verification, and the other person just goes "nope, wrong" without going into detail.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 06:45 PM)

I forget things, and I misremember things. But when presented with verifiable facts, my reaction is more like "Huh, could have sworn it was like that", not "this reality is not my own".

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 06:43 PM)

I have an extremely good memory (which I have proven time and again), and even I can be mistaken.

@  NotVeryKnightly : (10 August 2020 - 06:40 PM)

Might be worth pointing out that it only became "Mandela Effect" and not just "I remembered this wrong" when a conspiracy theorist insisted it was proof of alternate timelines.

@  Otaku : (10 August 2020 - 06:29 PM)

Incorrectly remembering Nelson Mandela's fate may be uniquely American... but is it really that strange to get South African political history wrong when you're no where near South Africa?

@  Otaku : (10 August 2020 - 06:29 PM)

I always assumed the Mandela Effect was a "human thing", not an American thing.

@  wonko the sane? : (10 August 2020 - 02:03 PM)

Then there are people who outright manufacture memories for whatever reason.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (10 August 2020 - 01:13 PM)

The human brain is so flaky that it is extremely unlikely that a given person does NOT have any false memories.

@  OverDrive73 : (10 August 2020 - 01:05 PM)

Perhaps it's simple word association the movie Sinbad and then our minds apply the same memories to a man named Sinbad.

@  OverDrive73 : (10 August 2020 - 01:04 PM)

The Mandela Effect is the same as people remembering Sinbad in a movie where he played a genie... Of which he never did.

@  MidnightFox : (10 August 2020 - 09:36 AM)

People that believe Mandela Effect things would rather come up with any number of reasons as to why their version doesn't have any actual evidence(like alternate timelines collapsing into our own) than just admit they remembered something wrong

@  MidnightFox : (10 August 2020 - 09:35 AM)

Sort of. It's more that when presented with a verifiable fact, they double down because it's what they believe instead of changing their minds

@  ▲ndrusi : (10 August 2020 - 09:25 AM)

"I could have sworn that ______."

@  ▲ndrusi : (10 August 2020 - 09:25 AM)

I'm not arguing with either of those two statements, but they're not really connected. Mandela Effect is, to oversimplify, people being widely mistaken about what they think *is* a verifiable fact. Nothing to do with opinions.

@  MidnightFox : (10 August 2020 - 08:52 AM)

Pretty sure the Mandela Effect in general is an American thing. Opinion > Verifiable Facts is sadly a pretty American thing

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 04:27 AM)

Ask these people how Apartheid ended according to their recollection, and I'm sure they'll draw a blank.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 04:25 AM)

You got two black anti-Apartheid activists who were imprisoned by the oppressive regime. One died, the other was Nelson Mandela. It's not a far stretch that Americans who don't know many details about the history of other countries would mix up the two.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 04:24 AM)

My own theory is that these people are simply mixing up Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko, another South African anti-Apartheid activist, who did indeed die in police custody in 1977. There was an Oscar-nominated movie about his life starring Denzel Washington that came out in 1987, the same time frame these people claim remembering Mandela dying.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 04:17 AM)

I met a few people from South Africa, and they either never heard of the phenomenon at all, or only know of it from the internet. Apparently, it's completely unknown in South Africa, and it might even be entirely limited to the United States.

@  Nevermore : (10 August 2020 - 04:16 AM)

So does anyone remember the "Mandela Effect"? I'm talking specifically about the original case where many people vividly remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s.

@  Tm_Silverclaw : (10 August 2020 - 03:16 AM)

Crisis of Corona.

@  TheMightyMol... : (09 August 2020 - 06:16 PM)

Which crisis crossover are we on now? I lost track.

@  Rycochet : (09 August 2020 - 05:18 PM)

Much of the past decade has been the part of the comic series where less than stellar authors have driven the series into the ground and the editors are getting ready to either do a big multi issue crossover, leading to a reboot.

@  Bass X0 : (09 August 2020 - 02:28 PM)

At this point I've just decided to consider 2020 "not canon."

@  TheMightyMol... : (09 August 2020 - 02:18 PM)

'member Pepperidge Farm?

@  Maximus Ambus : (09 August 2020 - 02:10 PM)

Before the 'member berries there was Pepperidge farm. Pepperidge farm remembers.

@  OverDrive73 : (09 August 2020 - 12:21 PM)

>>>Shameless Plug<<< FYI. posted the last part of Quest for Tires in Allspark Pictures

@  SG Roadbuster : (08 August 2020 - 01:53 PM)

@Nevermore yes.

@  Nevermore : (08 August 2020 - 09:11 AM)

Is $30 a good deal for Subscription Service Breakdown?

@  Trpodeca : (08 August 2020 - 06:24 AM)

Oh dear God no. Twitter has changed it's default layout to the terrible new one. Why waste so much space on the left?

@  Steevy Maximus : (07 August 2020 - 08:28 PM)

@Bass X0, yeah, the Joe comic got REALLY solid in the upper 20s to the Cobra Civil War. It's interesting to see how well the Joe comic has aged relative to the cartoon. Where as I feel the opposite is true of Transformers

@  -LittleAutob... : (07 August 2020 - 03:58 PM)

Its so fun watching past TF Conventions.

@  Bass X0 : (07 August 2020 - 02:20 PM)

I've been reading classic 80s G.I. Joe lately. Its still decent even though I don't have any nostalgia towards it.

@  Sabrblade : (07 August 2020 - 08:50 AM)

Think of it as Adam West Batman instead. ;)

@  wonko the sane? : (07 August 2020 - 07:49 AM)

That sounds more like the flash, or maybe booster gold than batman.

@  Sabrblade : (07 August 2020 - 12:27 AM)

They would get bored fighting each other and instead decide to take an epic cross-country road trip together.

@  RichardT1977 : (06 August 2020 - 08:57 PM)

What would happen if Batman were to fight Squirrel Girl?

@  PlutoniumBoss : (04 August 2020 - 09:03 PM)

Unless you count the Mask vs Lobo special, but that's less a duel and more a duet.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (04 August 2020 - 08:52 PM)

My favorite crossover fight was Thor vs Shazam/Captain Marvel. Early in the fight, Thor discovers that Billy Batson needs lightning to transform, and being a god of lightning he simply denies him that.


A Not So Late to the Party Introspective: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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#1 Rust


    Slightly Off

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 05:09 PM

So Oblivion is not a game I'm just experiencing for the first time. Oblivion was the whole reason I bought an Xbox 360 back in the day, since it was cheaper than buying a whole new computer (Since the one I had at the time honestly had some issues running Morrowind). For a long time it held the distinction of being the only game I'd ever 100% completed in terms of achievements. But it was also a game that I did everything in and then just...put down. I'd bought it on PC ages ago and always intended to settle back down with it, but I never really have. I think it was a combination of doggedly trying to finish Skyrim and afraid to damage the memories of the game I had in my head that convinced me Oblivion was a great overall experience, but I'd done everything once already and there was no reason to open that book again. (Despite the fact several books in my library have had to be replaced due to me wearing out their spines through repeating readings. Why should a video game be any different?)


Well today, in a combination of boredom and the right combination of YouTube videos serving as background noise, I decided to venture back to the Third Era of Tamriel and back into Oblivion. The automatic hardware settings recommended Medium...I laughed and boosted that up to High Ultra. While my new rig might be getting a smidge long in the tooth(Four years old now, I bought it for Fallout 4), I don't think it'll have any difficulty with Oblivion. Worth noting I'm playing this unmodded - I want the actual experience.


So I've wrapped up the tutorial thus far and...it's actually impressing me. The potato people are whatever, but the clothing and armor has some really intricate detailing, the Zombies are legitimately disgusting, there's legitimate fur textures (Not great ones mind, but I was surprised that the rats and the Emperor's mantle were actually textures, not simply decals applied to a model). And this was the first game that had an actual, in-game physics engine and Bethesda made sure to show that off in fun ways. It may not seem like much to shoot an arrow into a bucket dangling over a disused well, but I understood what Bethesda was showing off with it and it is satisfying to have the world react to your actions when the combat very much doesn't. There's no weight behind the strikes and it made me realize how much better at combat Skyrim ultimately got since you don't get much in the way of feedback - either from hits or being hit - with Oblivion. It's by no means a deal breaker and didn't stop me enjoying myself, but I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't point out that it exists.


The story starts out better than I think Skyrim's does and the Mythic Dawn's custom bound armor remains classic. I missed the decisions of picking a birth sign and I'd forgotten Baraus recommends a class based on your combat style during the tutorial (It gave me Rogue, which I've decided to go with because why not?). The Sewer section was a lot shorter than I remember it being but that's hardly a negative. Had to stop about four times to drop stuff in my Inventory because the encumbrance system is a lot less forgiving than Skyrim or even Morrowind and for a tutorial dungeon they give a LOT of good crap.


Now I'm standing outside the Imperial City Prison contemplating poking my head inside a place I was so recently incarcerated in or going into the city proper to unload my spoils and head off to Chorrol for the main quest.



The potato models of the people aside, Oblivion's visuals have aged surprisingly well. When I got out of the sewers the landscape has a watercolor dream look to it (and yes, I remember Oblivion's watercolor world quest) that makes it feel like a painting come to life. It's obviously far less detailed than what Skyrim's world would be and doesn't feel as real-if-alien as Morrowind's environments conveyed with its graphics but it contrasts with the setting in a way I rather enjoy.


The Emperor's just been murdered. Hell is going to come to Earth soon...but standing on the shores of the Imperial Isle, it'd be easy for a character to dismiss it as an odd fever dream, were it not for the Amulet of Kings in their pocket. Next time I'm in the game, I'll grab some screenshots but Oblivion's design choices are one that I now, 10+ years after originally playing the game, really appreciate.


More to come, because my ultimate hope is I get through all of Oblivion as I tried to do with Morrowind last year (I failed on that front, due to mod-conflicts rendering the game broken beyond repair. Hence my no-mods run here).

Edited by Rust, 14 April 2019 - 05:15 PM.

#2 wonko the sane?

wonko the sane?

    Oh dear lord I am bored...

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 07:24 PM

I desperately WANT to go back to oblivion (it's the game that got me into the elder scrolls after all. My love for morrowind came after.) but I use an xbox controller on my PC and it doesn't fully support it without third party help, which I also found to be a big enough pain in the ass to be a deal breaker.

Per Nick Nemesis's Suggestion: I hate everything.

#3 Rust


    Slightly Off

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 03:45 AM

The Keyboard/Mouse controls aren't difficult to learn. Biggest hurdle for me was Shift Clicking drops items in the inventory,

#4 Rust


    Slightly Off

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 07:43 PM

​Not much in the way of actual forward progress on my front today, just spent the evening roaming the Imperial City and taking in that "local color" that I've long since forgotten. 


One thing that I'd forgotten is that these aren't Villager NPCs - they were still designing these folks to be actual people. They have quirks that, in casual conversation make for some forwardness that is a bit off putting but for one note characters who are literally part of the scenery I'm kind of taken aback at how dynamic the Imperial City's citizens truly are. And Radiant AI means they all have unique to them schedules (Coincidentally, The All Saints Inn isn't exactly a real hot spot at the Noon hour. Only a single patron eating lunch as of 12:45. Only reason I know that is because the radiant conversation said "Good Afternoon" and I had to check the time).


There's interconnectivity too. I started the suspicious merchant quest line and I have fond memories of it. What I don't remember is seeing the grave robber roaming the City, innocent as can be. I like that. I also took time to appreciate the art design of the Imperial City. It likely helps I'm playing it on the PC this time around as opposed to my old 360 on what was then a Standard Definition tube television. But the contrast between the Aleyid walls and the obvious Imperial construction later. The grey stone bricks with the marble white...there's a story being told just in the city itself. It's cracked, out of place statuary always trying to stand out from the elvish bones of the city but never quite succeeding (The Arboretum where the statues of the Nine are almost "drowned out" by the foliage). It also hit me that the graveyard running beside the White Gold Tower is the remains of what was likely a moat system. And taking that into account, it makes you appreciate how difficult the city was to take away from the elves in the first place.


Finally, I ended up in Talos Plaza outside the house of the man locked up in the Imperial Prison for doing the ritual to the Night Mother. I don't recall ever actually being in the house before so I indulged in some lockpicking...something I remember I was an absolute master at back in the day but my skills have abandoned me in my neglect. That said, I do find myself actually preferring Oblivion's system *Fails a lock attempt, resetting all the tumblers, swears*. Is it tedious? Oh my yes. But you feel a lot more accomplishment when you do unlock something as opposed to just finding the sweet spot in Skyrim or waggling the lockpick like a wand in front of the container a la Morrowind.


One burst of CHIM to take out the watchman later (I'm Level 1. My ability to sneak or disguise myself is not up to foiling an Imperial Watch member.) and I'm rummaging around the guy's belongings. And while I do remember all houses in the Imperial City have the exact same layout, I do like the storytelling going on within them. Guy liked cheap wine and was a bit of a painter. Otherwise pretty unremarkable save for the blood stained ritual scene in the basement (And not knowing how rare Human Hearts and Skin are in this game - in Skyrim they are pretty bloody rare - I yoinked both). What interested me was the chest in his bedroom with a journal. I know for a fact I've never read this before. So I got a big dumb grin on my face when it turns out the whole reason he got arrested for doing the ritual was to get revenge on a man named Rufio.


It's a small thing, but I always wondered. Fun that Bethesda actually put a starting point to that particular quest chain.

#5 Rust


    Slightly Off

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 11:46 AM

​And here we hit the part where Oblivion starts to lose me, sadly.


Tried to do the Merchant quest, but despite following the shopkeep and finding his secret meeting spot, nothing would trigger their conversation. At about 5 am I decided to simply head out and "find my feet", so to speak. So I decided to ignore the main quest for now and take up the DLC Orrey quest with the Shadowbanish Wine collection quest being a sort of secondary objective as I poke my head into every Imperial Fort I run across.

I've already covered how the combat is less engaging than Skyrim's due to simple lack of player feedback. It's been long enough that I can't accurately recall but I want to say on the 360 you got a little controller shake whenever your weapon hit...but then it hit me the character I actually cleared Oblivion with was a Mage. And I instantly understand why, since Magic gives immediate feedback where as melee combat feels only slightly better than Morrowind's with enemies able to carry on preforming actions despite the fact I was tearing into them with a pointy, bladed object.

Then we come to the second aspect of combat, and one Oblivion's been grumbled on before...the scaling level system. It's why I chose to do the Orrey quest line first, since everything scales. I'm of two minds about it, being honest. On one hand, part of my issue with getting Skyrim hammered out and done with (Owned since launch, still have yet to finish the Main Quest, any of the DLC, or the Thieves Guild) is I get stuck in the parts of the game I've done to death and back and lose interest because I'm at a stage of the game where I'm simply not powerful enough to do what I want to do. Oblivion doesn't have that problem. First fort I delved into I was a master assassin, stealth killing the entire ruin. It made me feel engaged with what was happening. I really appreciate that. That what I want the character to be IS, despite low skill levels, simply by nature of the game's design. The flip side of that coin however, is that I've now been in half a dozen ruins and outside two pieces of magical gear I've not so much as caught a whiff of gear upgrades. Still in Leathers and Fur with a Fine Iron Long Sword I bought in the Imperial City. Sure, you get to be what you want to be out of Oblivion's gate, but you don't get any sense of forward progression when it comes to loot. 


It also tends to kill what should be suspenseful moments. Found a Vampire infested ruin, but the Vampires were all kitted out exactly like the Marauders I'd already been fighting. They pop their invisibility that they break almost immediately, and the fight progresses as normal. The only real difference I found fighting them was that they spotted me instantly, as opposed to Marauders whom I could sneak up to. Compare that to stumbling upon a den of Vampires in Morrowind or Skyrim early on, when that can be a very tense moment. 


Combat's not the be all, end all of a game and I'm not ready to hang up Oblivion yet, but I will say after delighting in the nostalgia of the opening and taking in the surprisingly vibrant Imperial City, discovering the core gameplay is a bit of a moldy bathtub is disappointing. I think I'll finish up the Orrey quest, get my gear some much needed repair, then get back onto the main quest at least through Kvatch.

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