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@  TheMightyMol... : (25 May 2019 - 05:53 AM)

Was that the one where he fights gamma mutant poodles?

@  unluckiness : (25 May 2019 - 03:14 AM)

The CG in that movie was fantastic. Shame Donkey and Fiona were written out of the movie though.

@  TM2-Megatron : (25 May 2019 - 01:20 AM)

Don't worry, though. Ang Lee's Hulk has made it, so if physical media goes this year we can all die happy

@  TM2-Megatron : (25 May 2019 - 01:12 AM)

It's not on 4K yet. Sure would be nice, though

@  Pennpenn : (25 May 2019 - 12:56 AM)

Probably, when I remember to.

@  Telly : (24 May 2019 - 11:11 PM)

you should buy it on bluray or 4k

@  Pennpenn : (24 May 2019 - 09:56 PM)

It's still not up on netflix. Bah!

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (24 May 2019 - 03:26 PM)

We named the dog "Indiana".

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (24 May 2019 - 03:25 PM)

Happy 30 years to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

@  TheMightyMol... : (24 May 2019 - 01:35 PM)

Truly they are the compleat package.

@  PlutoniumBoss : (24 May 2019 - 01:24 PM)

Made from the metallized ashes of their previous enemies.

@  MEDdMI : (24 May 2019 - 07:40 AM)

They fight you with sparkles.

@  TheMightyMol... : (24 May 2019 - 03:40 AM)

Phyrexians are the bishie-est.

@  unluckiness : (24 May 2019 - 12:29 AM)

That's why they always wear long sleeved shirts and long pants

@  fourteenwings : (23 May 2019 - 11:36 PM)

Everybody knows the most bishie thing about any bishie is his exposed sinew.

@  MEDdMI : (23 May 2019 - 10:04 PM)

*looks up the humanoid slivers* ...really? People were calling those bishies?

@  TheMightyMol... : (23 May 2019 - 12:45 PM)

Have they made a sliver planeswalker yet?

@  RichardT1977 : (23 May 2019 - 10:29 AM)


@  Paladin : (23 May 2019 - 06:29 AM)

will they next evolve into Inhumanoids?

@  Ashley : (23 May 2019 - 02:42 AM)

the original slivers were spikey monsters. then the evolved into humanoids. now they're back to spikey bug monsters.

@  MEDdMI : (22 May 2019 - 10:42 PM)

Wait. Slivers were bishies???

@  unluckiness : (22 May 2019 - 10:40 PM)

They haven't necessarily looped yet. It's possible they're stuck in "yaoi anatomy"

@  Ashley : (22 May 2019 - 10:35 PM)

I think Slivers in MTG have crossed the bishonen line and looped back around to monstrous

@  wonko the sane? : (22 May 2019 - 09:48 PM)

Maxi, provigo, loblaws.

@  RichardT1977 : (22 May 2019 - 09:42 PM)

Which store brand is it?

@  wonko the sane? : (22 May 2019 - 05:52 PM)

I need to buy more "no name" foods. This pizza is freaking awesome.

@  Bass X0 : (20 May 2019 - 11:16 AM)


@  Cybersnark : (20 May 2019 - 08:52 AM)

So, now that Game of Thrones is over, when can we get back to The Dragon Prince?

@  unluckiness : (20 May 2019 - 12:19 AM)

Like, half of them nowadays are montages of tweet screencaps from the writer's inbox

@  unluckiness : (20 May 2019 - 12:18 AM)

lol you expected integrity from internet news

@  fourteenwings : (19 May 2019 - 11:33 PM)

I'm mostly confused how news sites went from "Analysing all the amazingness of Game of Thrones" to "Fans sure don't like this season!", like... way to prioritize clicks over a solid editorial opinion

@  fourteenwings : (19 May 2019 - 11:30 PM)

[and there's a recurring setting of a "derelict industrial site"] is this like the Toei Quarry?

@  MEDdMI : (19 May 2019 - 11:17 PM)

@Foffy and then that giant lasagna just tipped over and killed everyone, to be later known as the infamous Bad Monday event.

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (19 May 2019 - 10:59 PM)

Ahahaha!!! Go read the reactions for yourself. To say anything more here risks spoiling the finale for subscribing Allsparkers, the quality of this season notwithstanding.

@  Foffy : (19 May 2019 - 10:59 PM)

pretty wild how heathcliff was in the game of thrones finale, i was not expecting that crossover

@  TM2-Megatron : (19 May 2019 - 10:48 PM)

were they still super pissed?

@  SHIELD Agent 47 : (19 May 2019 - 10:48 PM)

Well, as someone who is not into Game of Thrones, it sure was entertaining to open up social media this evening to unexpectedly see headlines about fan reactions to the finale. Lmao.

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 06:12 PM)

But it's also a SUPER-well known location in my region, so these extensive exterior shots without any post production alterations completely ruin the illusion for me.

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 06:11 PM)

I mean, I get why they did it: It's an existing location that fits the purpose, it's open for the public, and they had to shoot some scenes in my home state anyway to due a subsidizing deal.

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 06:09 PM)

Needless to say, it's not in Berlin, and even what's seen onscreen is waaaaay too modern for something that's supposed to exist in 1929 (even moreso as a derelict site in 1929). The structures seen haven't even been built until the 1960s!

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 06:07 PM)

I'm currently in the process of watching season 2 of Babylon Berlin, and there's a recurring setting of a "derelict industrial site" or whatever it's supposed to be on the show, and I easily recognize it as a place only a few minutes from where I live (it's actually a former ironworks site that's been turned into a public park).

@  Xellos : (19 May 2019 - 05:52 PM)

Ever since I went to Japan last year, I have friend who dread watching anime with me due to that...

@  Xellos : (19 May 2019 - 05:51 PM)

Not hugely, but I am the type to notice places once I have been there and say "Hey, I've been there!"

@  wonko the sane? : (19 May 2019 - 05:50 PM)

Half of new york city (on tape.) is actually montreal.

@  TM2-Megatron : (19 May 2019 - 05:50 PM)

I watched Death Wish 5 last night and clearly recognized Toronto streets; didn't pull me out of Bronson's 1-man war on drugs or fashion or whatever it was that pissed him off that time

@  TM2-Megatron : (19 May 2019 - 05:49 PM)

it's nice to finally be thought of as exotic by somebody! lol

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 05:48 PM)

In an "I cannot possibly make my brain ignore the location I'm familiar with and pretend it's whatever the story claims it is" way?

@  Nevermore : (19 May 2019 - 05:42 PM)

Question for those of you living in exotic locations such as the US or the UK: If you watch a movie or a TV show that features a real-life location as a stand-in for someplace else, and you recognize the real-life location due to having been there in person, does that pull you out of the story?

@  Xellos : (19 May 2019 - 05:15 PM)

Maybe you should have installed macOS in your house instead.

@  Noideaforaname : (19 May 2019 - 04:40 PM)

Nothing like coming home after a long day to find a bird in the house. And then once you sit down for a well-earned rest after leading the bird back outside, you find it had a friend. A friend who *really* doesn't understand how windows work...


Transformers Myths and Legends

Transformers Mythology

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#1 Tindalos

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Posted 16 March 2019 - 08:52 PM

An attempt at a slightly different creation myth for Transformers.


The Theomachina
As everything, the cosmos was created by the two.
Primus was creation manifest, their touch brought light to the void, where they walked energy took shape and became matter.
Unicron was destruction embodied, at whose sight the stars burned out, his breath withered matter into formless energy.
When they met, they recognised each other, for although opposites they were of one nature.
They were siblings, friends, rivals, enemies, and lovers. They joined together in a covenant, a great combination of battle, dance, and union, their essences joining together and achieving balance.
From them, the cosmos became new, where once was grey, there became shades of light and darkness. Some parts became more concentrated, forming worlds and stars, other parts became lesser, and formed the heavens to surround them.
To mark the place where they came together, Primus and Unicron created Cybertron, a world of living metal and energy, where the very ground was imprinted with life and death.

And on Cybertron they joined once again: creating new life, their children, the Thirteen.
At first they were still too separate, their creations were primal, unconstrained. Together they forged bodies out of the living metal beneath them, to encase and protect them.
Thus, Primus created Prima; and Unicron created Megatronus.
Prima was much like its creator, a spark of light within a silvery body. Its every action glorified creation, and where it walked, the world itself cried out in joy.
Megatronus was also like its creator, but unlike its sibling it was but an ember, a red fire within a dark iron shell. Metal rusted at its touch, and the world drew back afraid.
Prima and Megatronus saw each other, and like their parents before them, recognised each other as kin. Alone of all creation, Prima did not shy away from Megatronus, while it was the only one who did not avert its sight from Prima's dazzling brightness.

Primus and Unicron then tried again, this time learning from each other, blending creation and destruction a little more.
Primus' creation was named Nexus, for they were one in many bodies. While their siblings could only be in one place, they could separate, their body becoming legion to be where they were needed, and then return to being one with all they had learned.
Unicron had made Amalgamous, who was very much like their sibling. But while Nexus was one in many, Amalgamous was many in one. Their body would change from moment to moment, constantly reinventing themself. When they wished they would fly on wings, rotors, or jets; and when they wished to walk they could do so on legs, tracks, or wheels.
Nexus and Amalgamous saw each other, and found joy in their meeting. They shared what they could, and travelled together. Knowing that although different, they still possessed the same nature.

Having seen their children, Unicron and Primus understood each other better, and shared their natures further. From this they created Trion and Maximo.
Trion was a being of knowledge and logic. What he saw, he understood, and what he understood, he would teach to others. His first act when created was to name everything around him, knowing his parents and siblings even before they could introduce themselves.
Maximo was a being of imagination and potential. What he thought, he could believe, and what he spoke, he could make others know. When created, he proclaimed the greatest strengths and flaws of all around him, and spoke of how they could make everything better.
Trion and Maximo saw each other, and laughed. Here was something Trion could not understand or name; and here was something which was beyond Maximo's words. Together they sat, talking as stars formed and died, dreaming of what would come.

Again Unicron and Primus learned from this. They saw the knowledge and wisdom of their creations, and joined anew, creating a new generation.
Vector was Primus' newest child, who arose from the ground looking at the sky beyond. He was filled with wanderlust, to travel the length and breadth of the cosmos, to witness and to protect all that he could.
Onyx was Unicron's creation, who barely seemed to rise above the ground, for his body was nothing compared to what he could see with his mind, able to travel without moving. To see, unblinking, with sight beyond sight.
Vector and Onyx saw each other, although separated by vast distances, they still recognised their sibling. The shining knight welcomed the black dragon, and together they shared tales of what they had seen.

Understanding better the balance of their children's bodies, they now turned to their essences. They joined together to create two new children.
Quintus was a dreamer, who wanted to lead her siblings further. They could be more than what they were, the world could be better than it was. They could make things anew, until things would be perfect.
Micronus was small, but when he spoke all listened. He spoke of limits, knowing what should be done, or what shouldn't. He could help people surpass themselves, but all to often advised them to know themselves instead.
Quintus and Micronus saw each other, and were instant rivals. Quintus sought progress beyond reason, Micronus wanted understanding of oneself. Despite this, they knew they were partners, with Micronus holding Quintus back from excess, while she encouraged Micronus to go further.

Having perfected their children's mind and bodies, Primus and Unicron looked outward, towards Cybertron and the cosmos beyond.
Primus made Solus, who saw the world beneath her, and took it within her hand. She could take the living metal and turn it into new shapes. She saw her siblings, and instantly knew they were incomplete. She gifted them each in turn a great item that would complete them, granting them their true natures, beyond how they were made. She called these tools, clothing, shelter, and weapons.
Unicron made Alchemist, who felt the world beneath him, and stared at it deeply. He understood the matter and energy of the cosmos in a way that none of his siblings did. He saw his siblings, and instantly knew they were incomplete. He drew up the energy of the world, creating fuel, and shared it with them, filling them with life and joy. They laughed, despite not understanding his words.
Solus and Alchemist saw each other, and gifted each other with what they had. They shared their knowledge and created art, creation with the only purpose being to enrich the world, form without function.
Finally Primus and Unicron were spent. As they had joined together, they had become closer, and yet less potent. Their many children would guide the cosmos where they could not. But they would need one last gift from their parents.

Primus and Unicron joined together one last time in love and hate, and were no more.
In their place was someone new, someone beyond Unicron and Primus. They were the Thirteenth.
He was to lead them, with his nature one of perfect balance, creation and destruction in one. He showed them to form a society, how to use their gifts to aid the others, to create new life.
And he taught them how to grieve.
While he bore the gift of life from his parents, he also bore the gift of death. His body was not eternal like the cosmos, but as fragile and temporary as the stars and planets within. When he had taught them all he could, he passed on, his body returning to the metal of Cybertron.
Only his spark remained. And the Thirteenth's siblings all remembered him as best they could, in their own way.
Alchemist looked into the spark, seeking to understand its nature.
Solus shaped a new vessel, that it would not be damaged.
Micronus showed the spark how it could bond to others, to share its wisdom with them.
Quintus left, seeking to make new life in the Thirteenth's honour.
Onyx moved, the fires stirring inside him as he followed visions only he could see.
Vector stayed still, standing vigil over his spark for as long as he could.
Maximo told all of them that their grief would be over, for the Thirteenth would arise again.
Trion made sure the Thirteenth would never be forgotten and created the first record.
Amalgamous taught the others how to change their shape, sharing his gift with them.
Nexus tore himself to pieces, travelling to the far reaches to spread the Thirteenth's legend.
Megatronus, in its grief shared the Thirteenth's gift with the cosmos.
Prima held its sibling, and convinced it to stop.
And this ended the age of gods.

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#2 Broadside


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 09:19 PM

This is an amazing piece that feels like it would really work as an in-universe belief. I think the chiastic structure really brings the mythic feel of the story together. Great stuff!


#3 Tyranno


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Posted 16 March 2019 - 10:39 PM

I really like it! Very poignant and mythical!

"Disabled people donít have special needs. We have very reasonable human needs. Our needs include freedom from abuse, violence, and mistreatment, the right to autonomy and self-direction, the right to represent ourselves, equal opportunity for education and employment, the right to accommodation, and societal inclusion and acceptance.

The need for accommodation isnít a ďspecial needĒ. Itís a basic human right. Itís a leveling of the playing field that allows us the same opportunities and chances as non-disabled people."

- Amethyst Schaber, http://neurowonderful.tumblr.com/

#4 Tindalos

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 10:55 AM

And a pair of new myths:


Xal and the Beast

In the time before the age of gold, Xal the wanderer was among the greatest of heroes, the greatest of all cybertronians. He walked above the surface of Cybertron, his feet never touching the ground as the sun itself acted as his footstool, only the fringes of his robe brushed behind him, marking his passage.
Everyone who saw Xal could understand his greatness, and asked him to be their teacher. Xal accepted, for he understood the people needed to know what he knew, and for a time he paused in his travels.
After ten thousand years, he yearned to once again explore, to travel the cosmos and see what there was to see.
The people feared the loss of Xal, and begged him to stay, forging a great crown of rare alloys to acclaim him their king.
Xal was honoured, and understanding what his absence might do to them, he relented. He wore their crown and rested on a throne they made for him, and ruled fairly.
But after a hundred thousand years, Xal once again saw the stars among the heavens and longed to join them.
Having been ruled by Xal for so long, the people were terrified of being without him, and prostrated themselves before him, offering him gifts of energon as worship, to place him amongst the gods.
Xal could not refuse the hospitality of his people, and drank the energon. He saw how much they needed him, and he accepted their worship, becoming one of the gods.
But after a thousand thousand years had been and gone, Xal once again became restless.
Everyone feared his leaving, but after proclaiming him teacher, king, and god, there was nothing more they could do. Until one of them went into the badlands, and found a beast living there.
Terrified of the beast, they returned, and went to find Xal.
Xal had almost left, his robe having left the metal beneath him and ascended into the sky as all about him the people mourned. When he heard the shout of fear, rather than sorrow, he turned to see the bot standing there.
"What has driven the fear into you, that you do not mourn like the others?"
The bot knelt before him, and spoke: "I have seen a great beast, in the badlands, whose body is like ours, but instead of a single head, it has five, instead of two arms it has ten, and instead of two legs, it has ten."
At the sound of this, the other people drew back in fright. But Xal nodded, recognising it.
He paused in his exodus, travelling to the badlands where he found the beast. The monster attacked him, out of rage and terror.
Xal drew his sword, and with a single cut, he turned the beast into five.
The beasts looked at each other, and became bots. They knew themselves, and Xal smiled. "You are my successors, those who will rule in my place, who will teach in my place. You shall lead the people when I am gone."
The five understood, and when Xal left, they went among the people, and taught them of civilization. They became the founders of the golden age, the first mortals to rule, and they proclaimed Xal's name above all others.
It has been over a thousand thousand thousand years since the age of Xal, but we still remember him, and five who were one, who united Cybertron.




The Archon's Fall

After the golden age, the unity which had once come to Cybertron had been destroyed.
Cities warred, alt-modes were made into instruments of death, and peace itself had become forgotten.
In this age, a great and terrible warlord emerged. They called the land of Kaon home, and cared not for the cold, as the fire of domination burned within them.
Under their hand, Kaon became the heart of a new empire, as the warlord led the kaonites forth to conquer the lands nearby.
City after city fell to their might, from Tarn to Protihex, until other warriors and barbarians sought to join this new empire, declaring the warlord their archon. They turned on the last free cities, and put them to the sword and blaster until Cybertron had become one in this new imperial age.
It seemed that peace had returned to Cybertron, although the age was one of iron and death, of smelting pools and gladiatorial combat. But still peace had returned.
To celebrate their greatness, the archon built a palace atop the Hydrax Plateau, so that they may gaze down upon the world they had conquered.
But the archon was not satisfied. Certainly all of Cybertron was now their domain, but they stared upwards at the stars themselves and were jealous. They threatened war against the very gods themselves.
The gods looked down at this warlord turned archon, and were afraid. The archon could very well topple the gods and reduce them to being slaves. And so they sent a circuitmaster, the last who still listened to their voice instead of the archon's and told him what to say.
The circuitmaster approached the archon as if they were a slave on hands and knees, telling them they had heard a prophecy, that the gods had foreseen the archon's fate. They would fall, and it was by their name that they would be destroyed.
The archon was amused by this prophecy, and sentenced the circuitmaster to the smelting pools as a mercy. But the prophecy stayed there, lurking in the shadows wherever they looked.
No matter how the archon tried to forget about it, they could feel their doom approaching, and so they declared that if their name would destroy them, then they would first destroy their name!
All the monuments Cybertron had raised in the archon's name were torn down, the smelting pools worked day and night to render them into formless ingots.
The temples they built for their coming ascension were shattered, the devotions that were sung were forgotten.
And still the doom drew closer.
The archon realised that although they had destroyed their name wherever it was written, they were known by one and all of their followers and slaves.
Fearing that their doom was hidden amongst the populace, the archon sent out their armies, purging and slaying all that they could, until the fires of the pools went out, and the bodies lay rusting in the streets.
And the doom still approached.
Setting their army on one another in the arenas, the archon watched as the spilled oil and energon became a sea, rising up to meet their palace.
The archon's advisors and bodyguards were thrown from the palace into the ocean, to rust and perish, until the archon was at last alone.

The archon crowed and laughed, proclaiming they had defeated the gods themselves, that the doom could not find them as there were none who now knew who they were.
And the spark of the circuitmaster arose from the sea of energon, and declared that their doom had come.
And the archon looked around their empty palace, their cities now swallowed by a great sea of rust, and realised that they had destroyed their own empire, their own legacy. Now no one existed to remember their name.
Indeed, not even the archon remembered it, for it had been years since they had heard it spoken.
Now they remained, alone in their ruined home, knowing that they could not defeat the gods. They were no longer an archon, and now could only count themselves amongst the Fallen.

#5 SoS

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 09:12 PM

These are amazing, Tindalos. I absolutely love it and almost wish I hadn't read it because I want to add it to my fanon.




#6 Tindalos

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Posted 22 April 2019 - 06:46 AM

These are amazing, Tindalos. I absolutely love it and almost wish I hadn't read it because I want to add it to my fanon.





Thank you!


The Gift of Energoa

When the gods first created Cybertron, the world was dead and barren, a cold metal sphere in the heavens. From it they attempted to create life, shaping the metal into forms like themselves.
At first this seemed a success: their creations walked and spoke and thought. But they were like dolls, only doing what they did because the gods commanded it; not because of their own wishes, for they had none.
The gods despaired, as for all their brilliance they could not create life as they wanted. The ancient cybertronians sang their praises, but did not truly know their gods for they had nothing but wires and oil inside.
One of the gods was known as Energoa, among her fellows she felt the absence of life most strongly, for she was as full of energy as the cybertronians were empty of it. She wept until her tears made a pool upon the ground.
Alone on Cybertron's surface this pool shone, the metal grew warm around it, and crystals arose from the pool of tears.
Energoa realised that unlike the dead world or unfeeling automatons they had created, the gods contained within themselves the power of true life. Instead of oil they instead had luminescent ichor flowing through them, enough that her tears could bring life.
She immediately sought out one of the cybertronians and brought them to the pool of tears, bathing them in it. But although their body warmed and changed colour, there was still no life within it.
Sorrow filled Energoa, until she realised that if it was their ichor that brought the gods life, she would share it with the cybertronians.
She made herself a blade, and used it to cut into her chassis, until her ichor spilled upon the cybertronian.
They stared at Energoa, truly seeing her for the first time as their body grew and changed, taking on a new form. It ran, it leapt, it flew as it realised the gift she had given it.
Energoa held the first cybertronian close in an embrace, and then they left together to seek out the others.
The gods had abandoned their dolls, returning to their city of crystal, and so they did not see Energoa sharing her ichor with the others. Instead they knew nothing until they heard the sounds of laughter, of joy and happiness, and saw the new colours shining from the planet.
They stepped down and their wonderment at what they saw faltered when they realised where the new life had come from. The gods rushed to their sister, whose ichor now ran freely, spreading across the planet which had now become golden from the life filling it. Where the blood pooled, crystals grew, sparkling with life.
But although they feared for her life, Energoa was not harmed. In fact the more ichor flowed from her, the stronger she grew. She smiled at her kin and laughed.
"I am life itself, and shall only get stronger the more there is." She reassured them, and they knew it was true.
Energoa looked out across the heavens, and realised that every point of light out there was a new land, a new home. She turned to her fellows, both gods and cybertronians and proclaimed "I am life itself, and cannot be contained. I will go, and spread my gift to the universe. Wherever you go, you shall find my ichor and life waiting for you." And all of them knew it was true.
As much as they would miss her, they knew she had her destiny.
After she left, Cybertron was no longer as bright, but still shone proudly. Energoa's ichor had seeped into the very core of Cybertron, becoming a sea of life to nourish the planet.
Cybertronians of all kinds gathered the crystals of Energoa's ichor. They found that as well as acting as fuel and granting life, they could use it to make tools, much as Energoa had made the first blade. With her solid ichor they build civilization, achieve new heights, and follow her path throughout the stars. In her honour, they named the ichor Energon, and so it has remained, even as many forgot the goddess who gave them life.

#7 Tindalos

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Posted 04 May 2019 - 09:50 PM

The Twins

When Cybertron was first forged amongst the heavens, it was a featureless orb of pure metal. It neither shone, nor absorbed, it was neither dull nor bright. It had neither low valleys, nor high mountains, just a single metal shell.
But the world itself wanted more. It longed, and in that longing produced Sentius Nobilius, the sacred desire. This first god travelled Cybertron, shaping it as he passed.
Where he walked, his footsteps cracked the shell, creating canyons and valleys. He used his hands to shape mountains to scrape the skies themselves. He wept and laughed, and his tears filled oceans and his joy sparked thermal vents.
He wandered across the surface until not a bit of it remained unchanged, until all knew itself different from the rest.

At last, he rested, raising a great plateau to be his seat, obliterating what had been before to create something new as was necessary, and he looked out across the world.
It was full of life, everything had changed, becoming new where once there was only stasis.
But as he watched, it remained as it was. The mountains grew silent, the plasma vents cooled, the oceans stilled. And Sentius Nobilius realised that the world had only changed because he willed it. That nothing would happen without his whim, and so if he rested, nothing new would be created.
He wept, for there could be nothing new without him, but there would be no one to enjoy it.
This could not be so, he declared, and he took the soil from the ground, holding it between his hands until it became bright and hot, until he held a star between his fingers.
He reached down, thrusting it into the metal of Cybertron, until it reached the core and ignited.
The planet shone, new light filling it, until new figures arose from the surface. They gathered before their creator and stared.
Sentius Nobilius took them and showed them the world, he gave them each the tools to maintain it. As he felt the sacred desire, so too did he share it with the others.
He assigned each of his children a part of the world to shape as was their will, to create anew what had been created, to ensure the world would never be still.

But when he had done so, and sat down to rest once more, he found a newborn standing in front of him. The last to be created.
Sentius Nobilius felt sorrow rising within him, for the world had already been apportioned out, and there was nothing left for this new cybertronian to shape. But as he reached to comfort the newborn, he felt something pierce his spark.
He laughed as he recognised the newborn, who had found the last unchanging part of the old creation, the last piece of stasis which remained.
The shaper unravelled, as his child split him in two, and now there was Sentius Magnus, and Sentius Malus. The longing for light, and the longing for darkness. The two of them embraced their son and father. Now entirely remade, and declared this should be the way of all things.
What one made, the other destroyed. What one broke, the other remade. Nothing would remain unchanged, and nothing would ever be the same.
The two brothers are life and death, light and dark, happiness and sorrow. They fill all of us, and thanks to them we shall never be still, and always be made anew.

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